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Home arrow Women arrow In Memoriam: Vera B. Saeedpour, Scholar and Archivist of the Kurdish Culture, Dies at 80 ,1930-2010
In Memoriam: Vera B. Saeedpour, Scholar and Archivist of the Kurdish Culture, Dies at 80 ,1930-2010 چاپ ارسال به دوست, Los Angeles, California, USA   
In Memoriam: Vera B. Saeedpour, Scholar and Archivist of the Kurdish Culture, Dies at 80 ,1930-2010




VOKRadio: It is with great sadness that we at Kurdish Commentary learned of the passing of Dr Vera B. Saeedpour and we wish to extend our most heartfelt condolences and sympathies to her family and loved ones.  The Kurdish people are truly fortunate to have had such a committed friend.

VOKRadio staff

kaes.jpgRemembering Dr. Vera Saeedpour
  June 9, 2010

The Kurdish people as a whole and Kurdish academic community, in particular, have suffered a tragic loss. Dr. Vera Saeedpour died of heart attack on May 30 in New York. We offer our sincere condolences to her family and the Kurdish nation as a whole.
Dr. Saeedpour, a preeminent scholar in the culture of Kurds, dedicated most of her productive life to presenting, preserving, and promoting Kurdish history and cultural identity with zest and gusto. As she had aptly put it in an interview, “I know the Kurds better than any Westerner living.” It would not be an exaggeration to call her the mother of Kurdish cultural studies in this continent.
As a creator, author, curator, archivist, outspoken activist of both the Kurdish museum and library; Dr. Vera Saeedpour created a watershed to (re)present the hitherto unknown Kurds to the U.S academic and general audiences. As a scholar, for the first time in the U.S she initiated the Kurdish Program at Harvard  and later on brought together academicians interested in Kurdish cultural history and studies by publishing scholarly journals on Kurdish topics, she trained young researchers by highlighting the need for intellectual growth and academic rigor; her informative interviews in major mainstream media such as New York Times  called for and shaped newer sensibilities and deeper cultural and political understanding among the general public in relation to the plight and aspirations of the Kurdish people.

Dr. Saeedpour as a legendary Jewish woman with her courage, tenacity, and academic excellence, and great eloquence made the world hear and see the Kurdish case. As a visionary scholar, she has created a  splendid cultural site for the general public and scholars as historic aspirations of our ancestors. Her work truly represents our ideals of reclaiming and reconfirming our denied history and culture. We hope that our community as a whole feels the moral obligation to protect Dr. Saeedpour’s treasures.
As we mourn Dr. Vera Saeedpour’s loss, let us uphold her unending devotion in championing for Kurdish cultural freedom and expression. Let up pick up her unwavering flag and carry on her struggle to save the Kurdish Library and Museum as testaments to her commitment to the preservation, openness, and invigoration of the Kurdish life.
Amir Sharifi PhD
KAES President

The Kurdish American Education Society (KAES)

The Defender of the Kurdish people 
   June 9, 2010

This is the legacy of our century,
of Vera ,
these are her books,
crafts , garments,
and jewelry of a people,
all assembled,
in a brownstone house
on Prospect Heights of Brooklyn.

These are her penetrating eyes,
the defenders of light,
of candid truth,
of a history of a great plight.

This is her inscribed life  ,  her great passion,
but not of  in her own words “ a lady but a scholar”.

This is her voice, courageous like that of a pesh merga,
resonant  in her “ensemble of texts”,
chronicles of  “Kurdish Times: and “Kurdish Life”
This is Vera’s Kurdish Culture House,
which quarrels with and awakens the conscience of the world,
in which  avid intellects seek the stuff of truth ,
and nostalgic fellow Kurds  feel at home.

This is the legacy of love and generosity,
Proving the old Kurdish saying that “Kurds have no friends” all wrong.

These are the beautiful flowers that Homayoun had left for Vera,
in the vase by the window in the afternoon,
and Vera is “still holding fast to the balloon that’s going up in the sky.”

Amir Sharifi
KAES President
See an article in Kurdish:
دۆکتۆر ڤیرا بیۆدین سه‌عیدپوور ڕۆژی یه‌کشه‌ممه‌ی 30-5-2010 له‌ باکووری dr_vera_saedpour.jpgهه‌رێمی نیوویۆرک، که‌ تازه‌ له‌ برووکلاینه‌وه‌ باری کردبووه‌ ئه‌وێ، کۆچی دواییی کرد. ڤیرا ماریۆن فاین له‌ناو بنه‌ماڵه‌یه‌کی جووله‌که‌دا له‌ باڕی، ڤێرمۆنت، له‌ دایک بووبوو. پێنج منداڵی له‌ ماڵێکدا گه‌وره‌ کرد که‌ له‌ لایه‌ن مێردی یه‌که‌میه‌وه‌، ئه‌ندازیاری بیناسازی مارسێل بیۆدین، دروست کرابوو. ساڵی 1968، به‌ هۆی دۆستێکیه‌وه‌ که‌ پزیشکی برینکار و ئه‌ندامی گرۆیه‌کی برینکاری بوو و دوای شه‌ڕی شه‌ش ڕۆژه‌ چووبووه‌ ئیسرائیل، ڤیرا ده‌ستی چوار منداڵه‌ بچکۆله‌که‌ی خۆی گرت، که‌ ته‌مه‌نیان له‌نێوان چوار ساڵان و یانزده‌ ساڵاندا بوو، و به‌ سه‌فه‌رێکی هاتونه‌هات ڕووی کرده‌ ئیسرائیل، بۆ دۆزینه‌وه‌ی ڕه‌گوڕیشه‌ی جووله‌کانه‌ی خۆی.
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