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OBITUARY: Monir Falsafi Nahid, Los Angeles, California, USA   

OBITUARY:  Monir Falsafi Nahid

FEBRUARY 1, 1925 - NOVEMBER 7, 2019  dayke_orig.jpg


Monir Falsafi Nahid, the
icon of Kurdish diaspora, the noted mother of all diasporic Kurds and Iranians in Southern California died on Thursday, November 7, 2019, in Greater Los Angeles after living in exile for over 40 years, raising two grandchildren, building extensive bonds within and across communities, and a fruitful history of political and cultural activism .against the Islamic Republic of Iran

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What you can do about the terrible news and what’s happening to Kurds

What you can do about the terrible news andwhat's happening to Kurds 

CKlara Moradin
A lot of my friends have been asking what they can do about the terrible news they
are hearing and what's happening to Kurds. Some of you have outrage fatigue, but please don't just shrug and look away.
If you're US based, here are just a few things you can do:
-Call/write/email your representatives and in the strongest terms condemn Trump's foreign policy. Tweet at them and urge them to make public statements about the issue BUT more importantly urge a No Fly Zone over Rojava. Keep doing this. Ask others to join you.
-DIVEST Turkey! Stop flying Turkish Airlines, stop buying Turkish products, stop supporting companies that have ties to Turkey
-This is not for everyone, but if you have capacity, connect with someone in your local Kurdish community and ask if they are holding a protest in front of the Turkish Consulate and join them  
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On April 24, March for Justice at the Turkish Consulate in L.A.
VOKRadio, Los Angeles, California, USA   

 On April 24, March for Justice at the Turkish Consulate in L.A.




 LOS ANGELES- The Armenian Genocide Committee, a broad-based, unified, coalition of the major religious, political, social, youth, and cultural organizations of the Armenian community of Southern California, has announced that on April 24 beginning at noon, the March for Justice will take place from Pan Pacific Park to the Turkish Consulate in Los Angeles.

"We call on all segments of the community to join us as we commemorate the 103rd anniversary of the Armenian Genocide and as we continue to voice our collective demands for justice for this immense crime against humanity," said AGC Chairman Karo Khanjian.

Continuing a more than four-decade tradition of bringing the demands of the Armenian community directly to the offices of the Turkish Consul General in Los Angeles, the AGC has been working diligently for the past year to plan the Rally for Justice which will take place immediately upon the conclusion of the March for Justice in front of the Turkish Consulate located at Wilshire Blvd. and Crescent Heights. 

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March 4 Justice in solidarity with the Armenian community in commemoration of the Armenian Genocide
vokradio, Los Angeles, California, USA   

March for Justice in solidarity with the Armenian community in commemoration of the Armenian Genocide

March For Justice 2017

On April 24th, March For Justice to the Turkish Consulate with our community and join in our fight against the denial of the Armenian Genocide. Stand with us while we also demand justice for all people oppressed by Turkey. At a march organized collectively by 18 Armenian community organizations, let us unite in our fight for justice, remembrance of the victims lost, and demand for reparations.
April 24 at 12 PM from Pan Pacific Park to the Turkish Consulate!
Erol Özkoray: " Mustafa Kamal based his Republican regime on the nationalist ideology of a Turkic race whereby Anatolia had to be "cleansed" of all "foreign" elements. Policies of ethnic, cultural, economic and social cleansing eliminated much of the Armenian, Assyrian and Greek groups albeit failed to do so with the Kurds - hence the Kurdish problem today."

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Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman KRG’s US Representative:Diaspora plays a role in furthering Kurdish cause
Dr. Amir Sharifi, VOKRadio, Los Angeles, CA, USA   

Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman KRG’s US Representative: Diaspora plays a role in furthering Kurdish cause!

amir_sharifi.jpgBy: Dr. Amir Sharifi
January 14,2017
Los Angeles, US – The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) needs to engage more with the Kurdish diaspora, especially youth, as Kurds abroad have historically played an important role in advocating internationally for Kurds in the region, the KRG’s representative to the United States said this week. 

Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman spoke at the University of Southern California (USC) on Tuesday at ‘Kurdistan in Perspective,’ organized by a young and impassioned graduate student, Evin Cheikosmon. 

The purpose of the series of talks was to educate students and the public about the KRG, their diplomatic mission, their challenges, achievements, and the future of Kurdistan, said Cheikosmon.

The main event was preceded by a roundtable discussion between Rahman, a number of USC professors of Public Diplomacy and International Relations, and the spokesperson for Olive Tree Initiative, a university-based organization that advocates conflict analysis and resolution through academic discourse, experiential education and leadership development.
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Twin bomb attacks target PDK-Iran headquarter near Erbil
vokradio, Los Angeles, California, USA   

Twin bomb attacks target PDK-Iran headquarter near Erbil

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region (Kurdistan24) - On Tuesday night, two explosions targeted the Kurdistan Democratic Party (PDK) - Iran headquarter in the city of Koya in Erbil province.

Following the explosions, ambulances rushed to the scene and transferred the wounded people to the nearby hospitals.

Spokesperson of Koya Hospital told Kurdistan24 that some of the wounded were transferred to Erbil hospital due to their critical health conditions.pdki_122016.jpg

"Now, we cannot blame any side for the attacks on PDK headquarter," Kamal Kareemi, a member of the PDK political bureau, told Kurdistan24 on Tuesday.

The explosions took place around 10:30 pm local time.



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