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What kinds of opportunities are we Kurds losing چاپ ارسال به دوست
VOKRadio, Los Angeles, California, USA   

What kinds of opportunities are we Kurds losing?

If we do not learn from our history then we are bound to repeat them. 

A short note by Azad Moradian



We have been one of the biggest losers in history!

Yes, we have been betrayed by world powers in the past and continue to struggle with challenges to be recognized.

Yes, we have been under oppression and have faced genocide, war, and ethnic cleansing.

Yes, we lack adequate resources to educate our youth and keep them from being executed.

However, we cannot ignore the very fact that we have also often lacked strong compassionate leadership.

We have often lacked the right strategy and tactic.

We have done too little too late.

We have often been silent when we should have shouted, or not acted when we should have been up in arms.

Many times when we should have been at the negotiating tables we were too busy fighting amongst ourselves for power and position.

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Kurdish American 2016 Presidential Preference Survey: Clinton vs. Trump چاپ ارسال به دوست
vokradio, Los Angeles, California, USA   

Kurdish American 2016 Presidential Preference Survey: Clinton vs. Trump

راپه رسى له كورده كانى نيشته جى ولاته يكگرتووه كانى ئه مريكا، سه باره ت به هه لبژاردنه كانى سه روك كومارى ئه مريكا 



Dear Fellow Kurdish American Community Members!
Hope you're all well. 
As election season is in full swing, there is a lot at stake for us. 
There is an information gathering survey titled "Kurdish American 2016 Presidential Preference Survey" that only takes a couple minutes to fill out. 
The survey is confidential and purely for information gathering purposes. It can help us gauge the community's level of engagement with the U.S. Presidential elections. 
The survey is sponsored by Kurdish American Committee for Democracy and Human Rights and VOKRadio (Voice of Kurdish American Radio for Democracy, Peace and Freedom).
The results will be publicized in mid August and will be made available for anyone to use in their analysis. 
So far more than 2000 people have viewed the survey and a couple hundred have responded. Not all those responses can be counted but it's a good start. 
Please take a few moments to fill this out:
Much due respect, 
Azad Moradian
Chair of Kurdish American committee for Democracy and Human Rights.
Los Angeles


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Open Letter to President Barak Obama about the November 1 Elections in Turkey چاپ ارسال به دوست
vokradio, Los Angeles, California, USA   

Open Letter to President Barak Obama about the November 1 Elections


in Turkey  


The President of the United States of America

The White House
Pennsylvania Avenue

Washington, DC 20501



Dear President Obama:

We members of the Kurdish American Education Society and the greater Kurdish communities in Southern California are hereby urging you and the international community to ensure that the upcoming November 1 elections 1 in Turkey are held freely and fairly.

As you are aware in the June nation wide elections, the opposition parties emerged triumphant by ending the AKP 's majority of parliamentary seats for the first time. The Pro-Kurdish HDP passed the 10% threshold in the hope of bringing about genuine democratic changes; however, the AKP has done everything possible to contest and reverse the results of these elections by tightening its grip on power, silencing all voices of opposition with its authoritarianism and so called anti-terrorism laws.

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Press Release Rally in Los Angeles: International Solidarity day with Kobani چاپ ارسال به دوست
VOKRadio, Los Angeles, California, USA   

Press Release

Rally in Los Angeles: International Solidarity day with Kobani

 November 1st, 2014 

kobane_110114_01.jpgWe members of the Kurdish American Education Society, Human Rights Advocacy Group, and Kurdish Community of Southern California, in Los Angeles join hundreds of thousands of people, United Nations agencies and prominent intellectuals such as Noam Chomsky and Archbishop Desmond Tutu in observing the International Day of Solidarity with the defenders of the besieged city of Kobani. From Los Angeles and Washington to London and Kurdistan, we come together to support the heroic defenders of Kobani. The legendary city has indeed become the emblem of unprecedented resistance against one of the darkest and tyrannical forces in human history. The city has been the constant target of ISIS offensives for six weeks. Although the defenders of the city are both outnumbered and outgunned, women and men old and young have stood steadfast against the ferocious terrorism of ISIS. They are incessantly being bombarded with heavy artillery; many parts of the city have been demolished and destroyed as evidenced by the rising plumes of smoke, which darken the horizon of the city.

Over 200000 people from Kobani and surrounding villages have been displaced and live in deplorable conditions in various camps in Turkey. The US coalition led strikes have not been enough to effectively halt the Islamic state’s advances.  Turkey in showing its ideological affinity with and support for ISIS continues to block the flow of help and volunteers to the city.  Under mounting international pressure the Turkish government is now hypocritically allowing a limited number of Peshmerge into the area as it continues to threaten the fragile peace process. 


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Demonstration in Los Angeles In Solidarity with Kobane and Call for Support against the ISIS چاپ ارسال به دوست
vokradio, Losangeles, California, USA   
Demonstration in Los Angeles In Solidarity with Kobane and Call for Support against the ISIS.  
October 12, 2014 















Kurdish and non-Kurdish protestors gather in front of the federal building on Wilshire Boulevard today to rally against the Turkish government's refusal to intervene in the seizure of Kobani, a primarily Kurdish city on the Turkish-Syrian border, by Daʿesh (داعش) jihadists. 

 Press Release                                         

 A demonstration was held in Los Angeles on Sunday Oct 12 from 4:00 to 6:00 PM in front of the Federal Building in Westwood against the Islamic State’s ongoing vicious assault on the Kurdish city of Kobani and to urge the US to support for the defenders of the city. 

We members of the Kurdish community in Los Angeles stand in solidarity with the people of the besieged Kobani and call for prompt action to save the residents and defenders of the city from a massacre. The IS terrorists have captured sizable portions of the city despite the fierce and heroic resistance of Kurdish freedom fighters. Hundreds of people have died and over 17000 people have been driven away from their homes, stranded in border areas, their fields ravaged, their belongings plundered, and their children traumatized. Many are mourning the loss of  their loved ones, their homes, and their land. As the UN special envoy Mr. Staffan de Mistura has warned hundreds of people are still trapped in Kobani; they are under the siege of the IS and threatened with an imminent massacre.

As the people of the town and its defenders have shown with admirable courage, they do not want to give up and let the city fall; they are fighting valiantly to the last breath, but they are ill equipped against the heavily armed terrorists of the IS. The defenders of the city have repeatedly and desperately appealed to the international community, US in particular, for weapons and supplies to enable them to continue their fight. They want more effective and focused airstrikes to fend off the barbaric invaders. 

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Turkey : Police and militias killing of Kurdish protesters must be investigated and prosecuted چاپ ارسال به دوست
vokradio, Losangeles, California, USA   


Turkey : Police And Militias Killing Of Kurdish Protesters Must Be Investigated And Prosecuted

Paris, October 9, 2014 –FIDH


(International Federation for Human Rights) strongly condemns the brutal attacks and the use of live ammunitions by the police and extremist groups against anti-IS Kurdish protesters across Turkey, and fears that Turkish officials’ declarations and use of force endanger fragile peace negotiations.

At least 25 persons have been killed since 7 October in Turkey during protests held across Turkey against the Islamic State (IS) offensive in Kobane (Syria) and the inaction of the Turkish military. Riot police used tears gas and water canons to quell the demonstrations across the country, and has been reported to have attacked protesters in firing live ammunitions, killing demonstrators in Mus and Mardin. 

Police, AKP activists and islamist groups/ militias have been accused of slaughtering 10 Kurds protesting against IS offensive in Syria and wounding dozens others in the towns of Diyarbakir, Van, Batman, Varto, Kiziltepe, Dargeçit and Kurtalan. Relatives of the AKP-affiliated mayor of Kurtalan allegedly opened fire and killed two protesters. Members of Hezbollah groups, a Turkish-based Sunni islamist group, also attacked and killed demonstrators in five different districts of Baglar. Hüda-Par, another Turkish-based Sunni Islamic fundamentalist political party, opened fire from their provincial office and killed and wounded several persons demonstrating against IS in Batman. Reports also allege that Hezbollah activists were also attacked and killed in the clashes with Kurdish demonstrators. 

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