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Maskan-e Mehr government built affordable housing in Sarpol-e Zahab, Iran damaged severely in quake چاپ ارسال به دوست
VOKRadio, Los Angeles, California, USA   

Maskan-e Mehr government built affordable housing in Sarpol-e Zahab, Iran damaged severely in quake


Report by Radio Zamaneh

photos "Maskan-e Mehr" housing by IIRNA


Powquake-damage-maskan-e-mehr-housing-sarpol-e-zahab-4.jpgerful Earthquake Near Iran-Iraq Border Kills Hundreds. According to latest official tallies, 395 Iranians were confirmed dead as of Monday afternoon. Over 6,650 others were also injured. 

A powerful earthquake centered 30 km to the east of city of Halabja, near the Iran-Iraq border has killed more than 400 people, injuring more than 6,650 in Iran alone.

According to Iranian Seismological Center at University of Tehran, a 7.3-magnitude earthquake shook the mountainous Iran-Iraq border region Sunday Nov 12, followed by at least 50 aftershocks.

Iran's western province of Kermanshah which borders Iraq through the Zagros Mountains has suffered significant damage.

Mojtaba Nikkerdar, deputy governor of Kermanshah province told state media that rescuers were working through the night to find people trapped. Nikkerdar says that the death toll would rise: "There are still people under the rubble. We hope the number of dead and injured won't rise too much, but it will rise."
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IHD-TIHV-Report: Human right violations in Turkey in 2015 چاپ ارسال به دوست
vokradio, Los Angeles, California, USA   

Severe human right violations by the Turkish state

We call all the democratic organizations and international foundations to stand against AKP and Erdogan's dictatorship and support the peoples resisting for democracy.

As long as peace for the Kurdish people is not ensured and an end is not put to Turkey's policies in Syria and Iraq, EU countries are facing a threat. ISIS, that is taking advantage of Turkey's approach in the Middle East, is bloodsheding in the EU. To stop ISIS, the support that Turkey is giving to ISIS needs to be halted and condemned.


The Human Rights Association (IHD) and the Human Rights Foundation of Turkey (TIHV), published the 2015 human rights violation report that was prepared during the 10-17 December Week of Human Rights. Ozturk Turkdogan, the general president of IHD who disclosed the report declared "From the perspective of human rights there is a demand that needs to be met from Turkey. That is to urgently establish peace. When peace is not ensured the right to live is not protected, when the right to live is being abused it is impossible to speak of other human rights". Moreover Turkdogan, said that since there was no intervention in the human right violations conducted in 2015, the United Nations' system has collapsed.

The end of the Kurdish-Turkish Peace Process increased the violations

Severe cases of human right violations were experienced during 2015: In Diyarbakir (5 dead, tens injured) , in Suruc (33 dead, tens injured) and in the Ankara massacre (100 dead, hundreds injured). With the end of the Kurdish-Turkish Peace Process by the President of Turkey Recep T Erdogan, hundreds of people were shot in the streets by the law enforcement units, in the renewed conflicts. Tens of times civilians and the PKK were bombed on Iraq grounds. Curfew was declared in tens of Kurdish towns within Turkey. During the curfew period water and electric outages, lack of basic food supply was experienced. Medication and treatment to those injured by the attacks were not allowed by the police itself on the ground of the incident, whereas the dead could not be buried due to curfew prohibitions. During the blockade of towns and neighborhoods by the law enforcements units civilian youths, women, elderly and children were massacred. Journalists were arrested and freedom of press was violated. The refugees in Turkey are facing dramatic circumstances.

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Southern Californians in solidarity with KOBANE Condemn ISLAMIC State and Turkey in a Rally چاپ ارسال به دوست
vokradio, Losangeles, California, USA   

Southern Californians in solidarity with KOBANE Condemn ISLAMIC State and Turkey in a Rally

amir_sharifi.jpgBy Dr.Amir Sharifi

Los Angeles: Hundreds of pro Kobanê activists marched on in Westwood, Los Angeles to condemn the Islamic State and their murderous onslaught against Kurds, saying that they will continue their combat against ISIS terrorism in Kobanê. Women activists were making improvised signs as more protesters joined the demonstration. The statement issued by the Kurdish community as one of the main organizers of the event, read,

"We stand in solidarity with the people of the besieged Kobanê and call for prompt action to save the residents and defenders of the city from a massacre. The IS terrorists have captured sizeable portions of the city despite the fierce and heroic resistance of Kurdish freedom fighters. Hundreds of people have died and over 200000 people have been driven away from their homes, stranded in border areas, their fields ravaged, their belongings plundered, and their children traumatized. Many are mourning the loss of their loved ones, their homes, and their land."

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Kurdish Human Rights Advocacy Group and a delegation meet Ahmad Shaheed, the UN’ s special rapporteu چاپ ارسال به دوست, Los Angeles, California, USA   
Kurdish Human Rights Advocacy Group and a delegation meet Ahmad Shaheed, the United Nations’ special rapporteur on human rights in Iran

ahmad_shaheed_azad_soraya_amir.jpgBy Dr Amir Sharifi

July 25, 2013

On July, 19, 2013 a Kurdish delegation consisting of the Kurdish Human Rights Advocacy Group (KHRAG) and Kurdish American Committee for Human Rights and Democracy in Iran (KACDHI) met with Dr. Ahmed Shaheed, the United Nations’ special rapporteur in Los Angeles to discuss the Kurdish human rights concerns and interests. Our purpose in attending this meeting was to introduce and advance Kurdish human rights. We commended Dr. Shaheed for his last inclusive and transparent report that reflects the concerns of a wide spectrum of civil and political rights including political freedom, freedom of assembly and information, freedom of religion, etc

 We particularly welcomed his discussion of “economic, social, and cultural freedoms covering issues of the right to education, economic, social, and cultural development of several ethnic communities including Kurds.  We welcomed the positive steps, the diversity, depth and richness of the report; however, we pointed out that Kurdish human rights have yet to find their rightful and distinct place.


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Voice of Kurdish American Radio Interviews Soraya Fallah on the 1st Middle Eastern Women’s Conferenc چاپ ارسال به دوست, Los Angeles, California, USA   

Voice of Kurdish American Radio Interviews Renowned Human Rights researcher and Activist, recipient of several human rights awards such as the United Nations-USA Global Citizen’s Award, Mrs. Soraya Fallah on her return from the 1st Middle Eastern Women’s Conference held in Diyarbakir (Amed).


Q1: Mrs. Fallah, welcome back. Some of our listeners/readers are not familiar with the conference you attended in Diyarbakir (Amed) Turkey; please give us a brief overview and report.

Soraya: Thank you for having me here.

On May 31st to June 3rd, 2013 The First Middle Eastern Women’s Conference was held by DÖKH (Democratic Free Women Movement) in Diyarbakir (Amed) and was attended by nearly 250 women from 27 states and non-state nations primarily from the Middle East, North Africa and some observers from South Asia.  

1stmec_amed_turkey_052013_1stday_sl01.jpgWe all gathered in Diyarbakir (Amed) under the slogan Women, Life, Freedom, (in Kurdish: Jin, Jyan, Azadi) to mobilize the blooming women’s democratic movements in the region and to strengthen the existing organizations already working tirelessly towards equality. We held various educational discussions concerning the common struggles facing women in the Middle East.
We exchanged constructive ideas regarding ways to strengthen the current women’s resistance movements within local communities. We established relationships across states to form larger regional collaborations that might help create resistance movements encompassing the entire Middle East.

The conference was dedicated to the three women Kurdish activists and politicians Sakine Cansiz, Fidan Dogan and Leyla Saylemez who were assassinated in Paris in January 2013.
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Through the Eyes of a Kurd living in Exile: An interview with Kani Xulam چاپ ارسال به دوست, Los Angeles, California, USA   
Through the Eyes of a Kurd living in Exile: An interview with Kani Xulam
December 26, 2012
by Fatih Seyhanoglu and Sophia Ibrahim*
This piece explores the insights and feelings of a man that has been in exile for thirty two years. Kani Xulam is director of American Kurdish Information Network (AKIN), an organization that raises awareness about the Kurds and fosters Kurdish-American understanding and friendship.  He lives and works in Washington, DC.



Mr. Xulam's writing is just as compelling as his story. His proficient use of historical anecdotes make his feelings and situation easy to relate to, even to those with little to no knowledge of the Kurdish situation. Please join us as we speak with this expert who provides us with an inside look at the life and feelings of a Kurdish exile in America.


Encompassing Crescent: Where were you born and raised?

Kani Xulam: I was born in the village of Gavgas but spent most of my time in the town of Pasor (the Amed province in northern Kurdistan), where I attended school and helped my dad in his store.  In the summers, we would often return to Gavgas and the nearby highlands to graze our goats.  In September, my family and I would return to Pasor for school until June.  I lived in this Turkish-administered province until I was 19, when I left home and eventually settled in the United States.

EC: Where were you educated?

KX: I went to Turkish schools in Pasor, aka, "Kulp" in Turkish, all the way through high school.  I did my university education in Toronto, Ontario and Santa Barbara, California.

ECWhat does your last name mean in Kurdish?

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