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A personal note (because the personal is always political) on the Sep. 25th Kurdistan Referendum
vokradio, Los Angeles, California, USA, Cklara Moradian   

A personal note (because the personal is always political) on the September 25th Kurdistan Referendum



Cklara Moradian

September 21,2017

Los Angeles,

Like almost every Kurd I know, I begin each day with Google Alerts: "Kurds," "Kurdistan," "Kurdish," "Rojava," "Rojhelat," "Northern Iraq," "Southeast Turkey," "PKK," "PDKI," "Komala," "Peshmarga" etc. The day starts out with a series of losses, a series of frustrations, a series of questions. What is the world saying about the "Kurdish Question today?" It's always a demoralizing start, on a personal and grand systemic level. It's epistemic gaslighting. My experience as a person is rarely reflected or accurately portrayed. I'm perpetually seeking validation. As if our existence will somehow be cemented, a little "more real," if a major newspaper mentions us beyond the old tired headlines about "being brave good fighters" and fetishized images of a female brigade fighting ISIS.

Lately, I too have been immersed in the upcoming referendum, watching in anticipation, reading EVERYTHING with conflicting feelings. By now, everything that needs to be said about the referendum has been said, by someone. Some "think tank" or another, some white journalist, some "Middle East expert" has said their piece, on all sides. People, mainly our neighbors, oppressors and colonizers, are spilling words of hatred faster than they can catch their breaths. Those who have always been silent on our pains (the security council) have now spoken in opposition. The White House has spoken. Some would argue that the very fact that the whole "international community" is "advising" us not to go ahead with this referendum should be reason enough to turn back. But when has freedom been handed to us? What has the international community done for us lately? They loved us when we were at their disposal in proxy wars, but now chastise us as if we are children. They cannot agree on anything else. Note how our neighbors are at each other's throats at almost all other times, except when it comes to the Kurds. No, there is no turning back.

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رفراندوم در کردستان عراق
vokradio, Los Angeles, California, USA, Mohammad Khaki   

رفراندوم در کردستان عراق


mohammad_khaki.jpgمحمد خاکی

لندن-٢٢ سپتامبر ٢٠١٧

چند روز بیشتر به رفراندوم در کردستان در عراق نمانده و جبهه و اتحاد عجیب و در همان حال پیش بینی شده ای در مقابل رفراندوم و استقلال احتمالی یکی از چهار بخش کردستان شکل گرفته است.
حکومت ها و دولت مردان فاسد و دزد در تهران ، آنکارا ، بغداد و دمشق که دستشان به خون هزاران نفر از شهروندان بی حقوق و سرکوب شده خود آلوده است ، کف بر دهان تهدید میکنند و رجز می خوانند .
خیل عظیم اپوزیسیون بی خاصیت ، حراف ، ناسیولیست ، شونیست ونژاد پرست ، قدیم چپی که اب توبه ناسیونالیستی ، اسلامی و شبهه اصلاح طلبی روی خود ریخته اند ، اپوزیسیون و باندهای اسلامی ، داعش شیعه و سنی و .... مخالف رفراندوم در کردستان هستند و یا دایه مهربان تر از مادر شده اند !
بخشی از چپ ها و کمونیست ها ، که در گروههای چند ده نفری و بیش از نیم قرن است برای امپریالیسم جهان خوار امریکا ، پشت کامپوتر و در اطاقهای گرم شاخ و شانه می کشند ، امروز ؛ هم موضع عربستان ، ترکیه ، ایران ، داعش ، حشد شعبی و امریکا شده و از بی کفایتی ناسیونالیزم کرد در عراق حرف زده ، و صحبت های دولت شیعه تحت نفوذ و کنترل ایران را بگونه ای دیگر تکرار می کنند .

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Annual Irvine Global Festival and Kurdish Community of Southern California
vokradio, Los Angeles, California, USA   

Annual Irvine Global Festival and Kurdish Community of Southern California

Dear community members,
Kurdish Community of Southern California is happy to invite you to the unforgettable Irvine Global Festival on Sept 23, 2017 from 10am to 6pm. See the attached announcement and also below for details.


Kurdish Community of Southern California and Kurdish American Education Society once again join the Irvine Global Festival on September 23,2017 in partnership to raise awareness of the Kurdish cultural heritage and celebrate multiculturalism in Southern California.
Like every year the festival is filled with a kaleidoscope of cultural expressions and activities.
 The day will feature hundreds of cultures, lively music and performances by different bands and musicians.
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ئەقڵییەتی نەتەوەییمان مەخەنە ژێر جەڕومەنگەنەی پرسیارەوە!
سالار حیسامی vokradio, Los Angeles, California, USA   

ئەقڵییەتی نەتەوەییمان مەخەنە ژێر جەڕومەنگەنەی پرسیارەوە!


salar_baba_shikh.jpgسالار حیسامی

٢ى سيپتمبرى ٢٠١٧ ى زايينى

هه ولير، كوردستان

فاكت و هۆکارە دەرەکییەکان، کاریگەريی زۆر نەرێنییان لە سەر دۆزی کوردو داگیركردنی خاكی هەبووە، بەڵام كێشە ناوخۆییەكان کە پەیوەستە بە ڕۆڵی پەروەردەی داگیرکەران و ئەقڵییەتی نەتەوەیی کوردەوە، سەرەكیترین هۆكارن كە تا ئێستا ئەم نەتەوە كەونارایە بێ كیان و بێ دەوڵەت ماوەتەوە.

بێگومان لە دوای دابەشكردنی خاكی كوردستان و خستنەژێر ركێفی داگیركەرانی كوردستانەوە، گەلی كورد بەردەوام هەوڵی رزگاری خاكەكەی و دەستەبەركردنی سەربەستیی خۆی داوە و لەو پێناوەشدا مێژوویەكی پڕ لە سەروەری و قوربانیدانی تۆمار كردووە، بەڵام لە سەدەی رابردوو تا هەنووكە سەرەڕای سەرهەڵدانی هەموو شۆڕشەكان لە هەر چوار كەرتی كوردستانی دابەشكراودا، جگە لە كۆمارێكی كەم تەمەن لە مەهاباد-ی ڕۆژهەڵاتی كوردستان و دەوڵەتە جوانەمەرگەكەی شێخ مەحموودی حەفید و حكومەتێكی سەر بە ناوەند لە باشووری كوردستاندا، كورد دەستكەوتێكی ئەوتۆی نەتەوەیی نەبووە، واتە ئەوەشی كە هەبووەو هەیە، ناچێتە خانەی دەوڵەتداری و دەوڵەتێكی ناسراو بە پێوانەی نێودەوڵەتی، یەكێ لە هۆكارەكانی ئەم خەسارە مەزنەش ناتەبایی ناوخۆیی بووە، لە ئێستاشدا كە كوردی باشوور دەرفەتێكی زێڕینی بۆ هەڵكەوتووەو وەرچەرخانێكی گەورە لە ڕوانگەی وڵاتانی زلهێزی جیهان بەرامبەر بە دۆزی كورد بەدی دەكرێ، هەمان خەساری مەزن (ناتەبایی ناوخۆیی) خەریكە ئەقڵییەتی نەتەوەیی كورد دەخاتە ژێر پرسیار!!


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Can Kurds learn freedom from Israelis
Kani Xulam, VOKRadio, Los Angeles, California, USA   

Can Kurds learn freedom from Israelis? 

By Kani Xulam

Aug. 25, 2017


First our commonalities: we are both children of the soil. 

Jews fondly call the Land of Israel (Eretz Yisrael) their homeland; we reserve the same affection for Kurdistan, the land of our ancestors.

Jews ruled their homeland for nearly a thousand years-but mighty Rome destroyed their sacred temple (built by Solomon) in 70 AD and turned them into refugees.

We are still living in Kurdistan, but as subjects of Turks, Persians, and Arabs.

The Romans didn't last long. After a brief Persian interlude, Arabs conquered the land of Israel, now called Palestine, and settled with the local population.

But one thing stayed constant: Whether it was old Israel or new Palestine, Jerusalem remained consecrated for Jews, Christians, and Muslims-all esteeming Abraham as their cherished patriarch.

In the Middle Ages, a Christian Europe conquered Palestine, including Jerusalem.

A resurgent Muslim Middle East took back the city under the leadership of our Great Saladin. The Kurdish ruler treated captured Christians fairly, leading Dante to place him in purgatory, not hell, in his celebrated poem, The Divine Comedy.

In 1917, Palestine had another consequential change in ownership. This time Brits replaced Turks as custodians of the Holy Land.

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احزاب کردستانی و کاربست شیوه ی مبارزه مسلحانه
دكتر كامران امين آوه   

  احزاب کردستانی و کاربست شیوه ی مبارزه مسلحانه!


دكتر کامران امین آوه

٢٥ اوت ٢٠١٧


 در روند مبارزه‌ی اجتماعی، نیروهای انقلابی بسته به شرایط عینی و ذهنی حاکم بر جامعه و جنبش، اشکال وشیوه های مسالمت آمیز یا قهر آمیز معینی را در دستور روز مبارزه قرار می‌دهند. شیوه مبارزه نباید بر پایه خواست اندیشی به کار گرفته شود. به کارگیری هر شکل و شیوه‌ی نابجای مبارزه می‌تواند راه را برای ضربه پذیری و شکست جنبش هموار کند. 
بر این مبنا، هم گرایش اراده گرا و ماجراجوی که بدون توجه به شرایط عینی حاکم بر جامعه و بدون در نظر داشتن سطح آگاهی و آمادگی و روحیه مردم دست به عمل می زند تا با از خودگذشتگی توده ها را بیدار و آتش قیام را روشن کند و هم گرایش تسلیم طلبانه و انفعالی که با بی عملی در انتظار خیزش خودجوش توده‌ها و یا سر عقل آمدن دیکتاتورها می نشینند، در عمل آب به یک آسیاب می ریزند و کمکی به رشد آگاهی سیاسی مردم و اعتلای جنبش انقلابی و دگرسازی در جامعه نمی‌کنند. گرایش اراده گرا و ماجراجو موجب هدر رفتن نیروهای انسانی و آسیب های جبران ناپذیر سیاسی- نظامی و گرایش تسلیم طلب و انفعالی با در پیش گرفتن پاسیفیسم سیاسی موجب انفعال هرچه بیشتر مردم و ادامه حیات دیکتاتورها می شوند.

روند مبارزه، راهی بدون فراز و نشیب و بدور از شکست‌ها و پیروزی‌های مقطعی نیست. هیچ حزب و جنبشی یک شبه به اهداف خود نخواهد رسید. یک حزب سیاسی و متعهد در دوران شکست و عقب نشینی، باید بدور از هرگونه حرکت اراده گرایانه سعی کند که نیروها و کادرهای خود را حفظ کند، به تجدید سازماندهی بپردازد و با حوصله و دقت برای تضعیف هر چه بیشتر نیروهای دشمن از یک سو و حرکات اجتماعی - سیاسی تازه از سوی دیگر بستر سازی کند.

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Dr. Azad Moradian : Establishing a Kurdish State Will Shake the Balance in the Region
vokradio, Los Angeles, California, USA   

Dr. Azad Moradian :

Establishing a Kurdish State Will Shake the Balance in the Region!

The Kurdistan Voice

12 July 2017

An Interview with Dr. Azad Moradian, on the Kurdistan independence referendum

Featured Image -- 2317
The Kurdistan Voice: As you know, one of the most disputed political topics in the Middle East is the independence referendum of Kurdistan, which will be held within the next three months. Until now, Iran has opposed the referendum more than Baghdad or even Ankara. Is Iran afraid of an independent Kurdistan because it is likely to become a catalyst for the Kurds of Iran?

Dr. Moradian: An independent Kurdish state, regardless of size, is a direct threat to Iranian political hegemony and the regional power of the Middle East.

Essentially, the long-term strategic goal of Iran is to create a Shiite block, or as they call it, a Shiite Crescent and claim the territorial and ideological leadership of the Shiite world.

The removal of Saddam Hussein created the space for the Iranian regime to further spread their influence in the region.

In Lebanon and in part of Yemen, Iran has already been able to establish their dominance and have widespread Shiite support. All of Iranian's efforts in Syria are towards this same end.

While Iran has been involved in Syria since the beginning of the conflict, they became physically engaged in 2014 to preserve the power of an Alawite Shiite regime. The territorial integrity of Iraq and Syria and the preservation of the ruling powers in these countries is of paramount importance to Iran. Therefore, anything that threatens this plan is something Iran will vehemently oppose. Kurds are situated, physically and politically, in direct opposition to this plan. Kurds are also positioned to oppose Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's ambitions to reestablish an Ottoman Sunni Crescent (please see Question 3 for more on this topic).

Establishing a Kurdish state will shake the balance in the region, as it does not reinforce the larger geopolitical visions of Iran and/or Turkey.
Furthermore, while the situations of Kurds in Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey are different, there is cross-border influence and exchange. The formation of a Kurdish state in any one of these regions can catalyze Kurds in other regions.

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