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Iran’s Language War against the Kurdistan Region چاپ ارسال به دوست
VOKRadio, Los Angeles, California, USA   
Iran's Language War against the Kurdistan Region

amir_sharifi.jpgBy: Dr. Amir Sharifi

23 May 2014

Until recently the Islamic Republic pretended it was getting along with the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and not intervening in its affairs. Rudaw recently reported that the KRG Department of Foreign Affairs had summoned the Iranian acting consul in Erbil to protest and condemn a condescending statement that had appeared on the consular website, in which  the Kurdish language had been proclaimed to be a " dialect of Persian," and Iran was described as the ancestral  "motherland" of Kurds. I must commend KRG officials for repudiating this outright breach of diplomatic protocol.

I should hasten to add that, anywhere else, such a diplomatic breach would be cause for expulsion. The central question is why the Islamic Republic is so blatantly and perniciously reviving a moribund myth against the official status of Kurdish in Iraq?

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Heritage, Beauty, Culture, and Quality Promoted Through Middle Eastern Beauty Pageant چاپ ارسال به دوست
VOKRadio, Los Angeles, California, USA   
Heritage, Beauty, Culture, and Quality Promoted Through Middle Eastern Beauty Pageant

A contest for Middle East Beauty Pageant was held at the Museum of Contemporary Art miss_middle_east_09.jpg in the beautiful city of La Jolla, California on April 03, 2014. The event was hosted by the Chaldean American Chamber of Commerce in East County of San Diego with leadership of Mr. Ben Kalasho. An event that brought the diverse Middle Eastern communities together as a whole and showed a different and true side of the region that has been overshadowed by wars and conflicts. Beauty and Elegance was celebrated in an extravagant evening in which the Miss Middle East California 2014 was selected.

Three Kurdish young women (Sozan, Dalia, and Helen) were among the seventeen contestants who had reached the finale of the event. All the contestants were from Middle Eastern descents and represented the countries of Iraq, Jordan, Kurdistan, Syria, and Lebanon.

miss_middle_east_04.jpg Mrs. Soraya Fallah, Vice President of Kurdish Community of Southern California (KCSC), an international human right activist and the former Ms. Kurdistan served as part of a high profile panel of judges that also included Lisa Haisha, wife of producer for Two and a Half Men, San Diego's KUSI News Sonya Berg, Fox 5 News anchor Shally Zamorade and San Diego Fashion Designer Andre Soriano. They judged the contestants for their ability to answer questions, the answers to questions, as well as worldly goals and dreams. The contestants dressed in three categories: casual wear, formal wear and ethnic wear.

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Kurdish New Year 2714 in Southern California چاپ ارسال به دوست
VOKRadio, Los Angeles, California, USA   
Kurdish New Year 2714 in Southern California
By: Dr. Amir Sharifi amir_sharifi.jpg
April 4th, 2014
The Kurdish community of Southern California (KCSC) presented the annual Kurdish New Year festivities held from dusk to midnight in Lakewood Senior Center in Irvine on March 23, 2014. Hundreds of families had journeyed to the event from near and afar for reunion to celebrate the ancient festival of spring.

The guests intimately exchanged the popular Newroz greetings “Newruzat piroz be!” “Happy New Year!” as they made good wishes for each other and their families in the New Year. Throughout the night the air was filled with the feelings of hope, triumphs, and renewal. A table covered with colorful flowers and Kurdish artifacts had been used to decorate the hall. Many men, women, and children had dressed up in elaborate colorful Kurdish costumes. Mr.Dyari Ahmad and Mrs. Soraya Fallah, the president and vice president of KCSC, respectively commenced the event by welcoming the audience in Kurdish and English, stressing the importance of unity and how the ancient festival serves as a reminder of our bond with nature and our struggle for freedom. Ms. Cklara Moradian, a young Kurdish writer and poet and Mr. Zanyar Kamangar, a young Kurdish TV host co-hosted the auspicious national day.
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Kurdish New Year Message2714 چاپ ارسال به دوست
VOKRadio, Los Angeles, California, USA   

2714 Kurdish New Year Message 

I wish all Kurds in our beloved land and diaspora a happy Nowroz in 2714. From Hawler to Amed, from Sanadanj to Efrin, from London to Los Angeles, we are celebrating our New Year with great hopes for the future. Nowroz rises from its ancient and deep roots to offer us light, life, and liberty.

The year we are leaving behind will be remembered for both its triumphs, trials and tribulations. Our people in Rojava (Western Kurdistan) are making steady progress towards establishing an emergent democracy and rediscovering their hope for freedom. In Lebanon, there is a cultural revival among Kurds. In Amed, the long and hard fought struggle for a just peace continues to be a beacon of hope to reclaim our identity and history. In Eastern Kurdistan, we are building and creating an enduring legacy against the tyranny and injustice of the Islamic Republic. In Southern Kurdistan, we see the promises of a nascent democracy with its flourishing Spring Festival of freedom, attracting many Kurds and non-Kurds to the celebration of diversity and solidarity.

dyarbekir_turkey.jpgIn 2713 we experienced many challenges, losses and sorrows. Western Kurdistan came under the vicious attacks of monstrous and evil Jihadist forces. Many of us fell. Tens of thousands of Kurds were displaced, now living in refugee camps where their living conditions are deteriorating. We lost our great poet Sherko Bekas whose lament about Halbja and Infal shook the world. Three bright and brave Kurdish women Fidan Dogan, left, Leyla Soylemez and Sakine Cansiz were brutally assassinated in Paris for defending justice and human rights. In Eastern Kurdistan many cultural and human rights activists and journalists were imprisoned and executed, with many more on death row.

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A letter to the Hon. Brad Sherman:Please Vote in Favor of Recognizing the Genocide Against Kurdish چاپ ارسال به دوست
VOKRadio, Los Angeles, California, USA

A letter to the Honorable Brad Sherman, Representative in U.S. Congress from the State of California:

Rep. Sherman Official PortraitPlease Vote in Favor of Recognizing the Genocide Against Kurdish People (H.RES. 422)

March 2nd, 2014

The Honorable Brad Sherman

2242 Rayburn House Office Building

United States House of Representatives

Washington, D.C. 20515

Dear Representative Sherman:

As the Chair of Kurdish American Committee for Democracy and Human Rights in Iran (KACDHRI), I am writing to urge you to co-sponsor the bi-partisan legislation, H. Res. 422, recognizing the campaign of genocide against the Kurdish people in Iraq. It calls on the U.S. government to reaffirm the commitment of the House of Representatives to the friendship between the United States and the Kurdish people in Iraq.


During Saddam Hussein’s regime, Iraq conducted a campaign of genocide against Kurdish minority population. Atrocities included the deportation and disappearances of Kurds in the 1970s and 1980s and the use of chemical weapons in the late 1980s, most notably on the town of Halabja. The campaign of genocide against Iraq’s Kurdish population consisted of poison gas on civilian villages, killing thousands indiscriminately. It had become the first in history to attack its own civilian population with chemical weapons. As a result, some 200,000 Kurds perished or disappeared, families were torn apart, and 4,500 villages were destroyed between 1976 and 1988.


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