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Let’s not leave Kobani alone Campaign launched
vokradio, Losangeles, California, USA   


Let’s not leave Kobani alone Campaign launched

A number of Human Rights, Civil, Cultural, and political activists in Iran launched “Let’s not leave Kobani alone Campaign” to support the people of Kobani. 

The campaign aims to protest the barbaric acts of ISIS and undertake humanitarian civil activities to help the people of Kobani. 


The campaign’s founders are:

1. Nasrin Sotoudeh
2. Dr. As’ad Ardalan
3. Dr. Ghotbeddin Sadeghi
4. Dr. Hossein Ahmadi-Niaz
5. Mahmoud Mahmoudi
6. Esmaiel Moftizadeh
7. Eng. Hamed Farazi
8. Dr. Rahim Farahmand
9. Siavash Hayati
10. Edjlal Ghavami
11. Fardin Kamangar 

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The Latest News: in Farsi
vokradio, Losangeles, California, USA   
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ئيوه راسته و خو گوى له به رنامه كانى رادوى ئينترنتى ده نگى كورده كانى دانيشتوى ئه مريكا ده گرن كه به سى زمانى كوردى، ئينگليزى و فارسى له لوس ئه نجلس ه وه بلاو ده بيته وه.
 هه وال و زانيارى و موسيقا و هه لبه ست پيشكه ش به ئيوه گويگرى ئازيز و به ريز 


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Message of Condolences on the Passing Away of Mr. Nelson Mandela from the coalition for Kurdish Huma, Los Angeles, California, USA   

Message of Condolences on the Passing Away of Mr. Nelson Mandela from the coalition for Kurdish Human Rights to Nelson Mandela’s family 

December 7th, 2013

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela 1918-2013 (Walter Dhladhla/AFP/Getty Images)

Dear Nelson Mandela’s family,

We are the coalition for Kurdish Human Rights in Iranian Kurdistan and feel deeply saddened upon hearing of the news of Nelson Mandela’s passing.

He was an inspiring hero who fought against discrimination and injustice all his life, not just in South Africa but also all over the world. His struggle and his victories became the battles and triumph those who looked up to him as a leader.

Kurds, as an ethnic group with a long history of apartheid, systematic discrimination, and genocide, have been inspired by Mandela’s steadfast belief in human rights for a better future for our people.

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A day of protest in Washington DC against the recent surge of executions of political prisoners in I, Los Angeles, California, USA   
Supported by 22  political parties  and organizations :

A day of protest in Washington DC against the recent surge of executions of political prisoners in Iran

 Supporters of freedom!

Defenders of human rights!

new_version_english.jpgOnce again, the reactionary and inhumane regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran has shamelessly and fearlessly embarked on a new wave of killings and executions of innocent and brave sons and daughters of this country.

In recent weeks and months, the regime has begun a new wave of executions of political prisoners- and it seems that – the killing machine will likely to continue. This is whilst the new government of Rouhani had promised the betterment of general conditions for all Iranians, especially the oppressed nationalities.

The overall conditions of Iranian people have drastically worsened since the rise to power of the clerics following the revolution in 1979; however, nationalities under twofold oppression have suffered immense injustice and oppression under this regime.  Regrettably, once more the killing machine of this menace regime has gone full speed and a number of Balochi, Ahwazi Arabs and Kurds have been put on death row; a clear indication of this regime’s culminating antagonism against these oppressed nationalities.

Currently, there are dozens of Arab, Balochi and Kurdish political prisoners, languishing in Iranian regime’s prisons, unjustly condemned to death in hasty trials without due legal process.  The international community should not choose silent in the wake of executions and repression, fearing possible “derailment” of negotiations with the regime on its nuclear issue, the export of terrorism and interference in the affairs of neighboring and regional countries, among other issues.

We the signatories, while condemning these heinous crimes  and unwarranted oppression of the people of Iran by the regime , stand with the legitimate demands and rightful aspirations of the people of Iran for freedom and democracy, with all its Turkmen, Arab, Balochi, Kurdish, Turkish and Persian population included.  We therefore urge the international community, world public opinion and international institutions to seek a legal and binding solution to stop these acts and policies of the regime of Islamic Republic of Iran without delay.

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Kurdish culture movement in Azerbaijan Republic is changing their leader, Los Angeles, California, USA   

Kurdish culture movement in Azerbaijan Republic is changing their leader

Baku, Fineko/

August 22,2013

Kurdish culture movement in Azerbaijan Republic is going to change their leader.

According to organizers, today in late afternoon unscheduled election conference of the Kurdish Culture Center Ronahi will be held in Baku.

“The Chairman and the Board of Directors will be elected at the Conference”, - was stated in announcement.

Kurds are one of the aboriginal ethnic minorities of Azerbaijan Republic.

In the course of Nagorno-Karabakh conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan some Kurdish people were expelled from Armenia to Azerbaijan together with Azerbaijani people.



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Los Angeles, UCLA; A Talk by Dr. Ahmad Shaheed, UN Special Rapporteur on Iran, Los Angeles, California, USA   
Iranian Graduate Students Group at UCLA" Presents:
A Talk by Dr. Ahmad Shaheed, UN Special Rapporteur on Iran

 “The UN Special Procedures and Situation of Human Rights in Iran
Los Angeles; UCLA, Dodd Hall 121
Friday July 19th, 6.30 pm

 ahmad_shahid_ucla.jpgWednesday, July 17,2013
 Dr Ahmad Shaheed is a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Essex in Colchester, England and at the City University of New York in the United States. He served as Foreign Minister of the Republic of Maldives from 2005 to 2007 and from 2008 to 2010, during which he led the country’s efforts to sign and ratify all nine international human rights Conventions; to implement them in law and practice; and to improving the country’s compliance with its UN Treaty Body reporting obligations.
Dr Shaheed also opened the Permanent Mission of the Maldives in Geneva in 2006 to engage with the United Nations Human Rights Council; established a non-governmental human rights organisation in the Maldives to contributed to civil society’s work to advance respect for human rights in the country; and later worked as a member of the Presidential Commission to Investigate Corruption and as a foreign policy advisor to the President of the Maldives.
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