PDKI's statement of support for the Iranian peoples' uprising against the dictatorial clerical regim
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PDKI's statement of support for the Iranian peoples' uprising against the dictatorial clerical regime
Following the announcement of the results of the so-called presidential election on June 12, 2009 in Iran, a wave of protests erupted in Iran as well as among Iranians in the diaspora. People in Tehran and other cities poured into the streets to question the legality of this so-called election.

Prior to the organized charade known as Iran's "presidential election", Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran (PDKI) boycotted it. On the basis of a thorough analysis of the history of the clerical regime, we urged the Kurdish people and other nationalities in Iran to boycott the tenth round of election on June 12. Our main argument - as in the past - was that participation in the clerical regime's organized charade lends popular support to the back-ward and clerical form of government called Velayat-e Faqih.

The adequacy of our position once again became evident, since the supreme leader's candidate, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, was announced as the winner of this so-called election. This is a man who was involved in the assassination of our leader Dr. Adbul-Rahman Ghassemlou; a fact that has once again received the attention of the International Community.

Hence, the results of this so-called election came as no surprise to us, because in our opinion neither has any real election taken place, nor did any of the candidates present political programs in the interests of the peoples of Iran. More importantly, the theocratic system of governance in contemporary Iran is in conflict with democracy; thus, so long as this system remains in its current form and substance, the Iranian peoples' yearnings for democracy and liberty will not be realized.

The continuous protests and demonstrations since the announcement of the election results are testament to this fact. The world is also witnessing how the militias and security forces, following the direct order of supreme leader Ali Khamanie, oppress and brutalize the peoples of Iran. In spite of massive state violence and in spite of the decree by Khamanie in the Friday sermon, the peoples of Iran were not intimidated by such threats and carried on with their civil disobedience and protests.

PDKI strongly condemns the clerical regime's brutal crack-down on the freedom-loving peoples of Iran who demand respect for human rights, the establishment of democracy, federalism and rule of law. We support this popular uprising since its ultimate goal is the establishment of a democratic and federal Iran where all the nationalities of our country can live in liberty.

PDKI supports the uprising of the peoples of Iran against the dictatorial clerical. The realization of the just and legitimate demands of the peoples of Iran needs cohesion among our country's political forces and support from the International Community. Therefore, we emphasize the following points and demands:

• The International Community has an obligation to support the just aspirations and demands of the peoples of Iran and to condemn the clerical regime's violations of the human rights of all Iranians;

• The International Community should put pressure on the clerical regime to release all political prisoners across the country;

• We demand the abolishment of the constitution of the Islamic Republic and its medieval laws and rules, since they are the main obstacle to the realization of democracy and the rights of all nationalities in our country;

• We also call for the presence of international humanitarian observers to safeguard the life and security of civil and political activists.

Our Party reiterates its original standpoint and urges the Iranian and Kurdish political forces to continue their struggle for democracy and liberty and avoid becoming part of the clerical regime's factional infighting. Taking sides in these factional infightings only serves the interests of the clerical regime and contributes to the prolonging of Velayat-e Faqih. Our country's democratic and secular forces should join together in a common struggle based on a clear political program for human rights, democracy, federalism and secularism.

The history of national liberation movements for their rights and freedoms has proven that unity will realize their objectives.

Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan
Political Bureau
22 June 2009

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