Elected Kurdish Representatives Detained in Turkey
Herman Gardi, VOKRadio, Los Angeles, California, USA   

Elected Kurdish Representatives Detained in Turkey

By: Herman Gardi

November 7, 2016



    Turkey arresting close to a dozen Kurdish law-makers has created another reason for Kurds to lose faith in the Turkish government. Kurds have always been oppressed ever since the Turkish Republic was created after World War I in 1923. When the Kurdish population finally began to have some form of representation in the form of the People’s Democratic Party or HDP, it was attacked by the Turkish Republic.

The Kurdish population makes up close to 20 percent of the total population of Turkey, creating tensions intentionally can have further consequences within the country. The PKK or the Kurdistan Workers Party in Turkey will most likely step up their attacks due to these arrests and cause the Turkish government to retaliate because of it, continuing the vicious cycle of conflict between the groups.

The members of the HDP do not condone the violence that the PKK does in the name of Kurdish rights because they believe in elected representation as a way for gaining rights. After years of oppression by the Turkish government the PKK believe that violence is the only way for the Kurds to have a voice in a country where the ones in power silence them.

The members of the HDP getting arrested gives more reason for the PKK to use violence as a tool because now they see Kurdish representation will not work in the Turkish government. The arrests that the Turkish government made were based on claims that the HDP were linked to the PKK however, the accusations did not have real evidence backing them up. The Kurdish population in Turkey mainly wants to have basic human rights and a say within the government that is ruling them.

If the Turkish government is not careful on how they handle these arrests they will soon alienate the entire Kurdish population in their country. Alienation can then lead to more collective actions amongst the Kurds and form a stronger national identity. The Turkish government will have to face a large portion of the overall Turkish population if they do not give the Kurds the rights that everyone else gets in their country. The Turkish government at the very least owes the Kurds the basic rights and representation that every group should get in a parliamentary democracy.

The arrests that Turkey made was also frowned upon the international community with the U.N. secretary general, E.U., and the U.S. If Turkeys harassment of the Kurds does not cease the tensions between the groups could escalate into a possible civil war. The Kurds will most likely mobilize further into political parties that represent their interests and the Turks will do the same, strengthening both of the groups. The Kurds have felt threatened since the beginnings of the Turkish state and they will continue to go against a repressive government. It will save Turkey much trouble in the future if they just give the basic rights to the Kurds and a secure form of representation.           


Source: http://ekurd.net/kurdish-detained-turkey-2016-11-07





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