URGENT CALL FOR ACTION and SOLIDARITY! End military curfew in Kurdish towns of Turkey
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The Women Freedom Assembly in Turkey (Kadın Özgürlük Meclisi – KÖM)





 Dec. 22, 2015

End military curfew in Kurdish towns of Turkey 

The war in Turkey is intensifying; people, all living beings and history is being destroyed!
As the State becomes more and more ISIS-like, the peoples’ resistance resembles Kobanê!

In the Kurdish towns/provinces of Hakkari, Dargeçit, Sur, Nusaybin, Silopi and Cizre, the State:

  • Has removed all doctors’ leaves and permissions, calling all medical equipment personnel to be prepared,
  • Has emptied out student dormitories, placing security forces within them instead of students,
  • Has swiftly removed teachers from places where it has declared or is planning to declare curfews and perpetrate massacres,
  • Is currently preventing entry into and exit from these districts by way of police and military forces,
  • Is continuing an endless dispatch of military equipment, ammunition, soldiers and police forces at the highest level possible to these areas. What this means is more killings, greater massacres, destruction and pain.

Since the 7th of June, indefinite and all day long curfews have been declared 52 times in the 17 districts of 6 different provinces, where 1.3 million people live.

As a result:

kadn_ozgurluk_meclisi_kom.jpeg More than 140 people have been killed, including 20 women and 26 children.

  • The wounded and sick have lost their lives due to the impossibility of timely intervention, as their right to health care has been denied.
  • Electrical grids and water systems have been shut down, preventing people from meeting even very basic needs.
  • GSM operators have also been rendered inaccessible, denying people their right to communication.
  • Children have been denied their right to education.
  • Historic mosques, churches and residential areas within the Sur neigbourhood, which is a world heritage site, have been damaged, bombed from above, burned down and destroyed.
  • People have been displaced, forced to migrate from their homes once again.
  • People – and especially women – have been subjected to all kinds of insults, abuse and mistreatment.

We call all women’s organizations, human rights defenders, academics, journalists and politicians to action in order to prevent this murderous attempt to massacre the population in entire districts.

We ask you to support the resistance against these policies in each and every place you are, with any and all means you have. Join us and let the Turkish state authorities to know our demands; to lift the military curfew in Kurdish towns, to withdraw police and military forces, to declare a cease-fire, end the policy of isolation upon Abdullah Öcalan and to resume the peace negotiations.

Kadın Özgürlük Meclisi – KÖM
Women’s Freedom Assembly

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