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The Demise of the American Empire and The Kurds - VOK Radio
Iranian Culture & Art Club of Fresno
به صدای کوردستان از آمریکا خوش آمدید-
رادیو ده نگی کوردستان له ئامریکا
Voice of Kurdish-American Radio for Democracy, Peace and Freedom
The Demise of the American Empire and The Kurds چاپ ارسال به دوست
VOKRadio, Los Angeles, California, USA, Hiwa Nezhadian   

The Demise of the American Empire and The Kurds


hiwa_nezhadian_2011.jpgBY; Hiwa Nezhadian,

Los Angeles, USA November 4th, 2019 

Recent American troops pull out of Syrian Kurdish region (Rojava) by an order from President Trump and granting green light to Turkey to send in Turkish troops to slaughter the Kurdish population is illegal, immoral and inhumane. It is back stabbing and betrayal of the most reliable ally by the United States.

President Trumps knew exactly what the consequences would be, mass killing of Kurdish civilians and the destruction of Rojava's infrastructure, creation of refugees by hundreds of thousands (so far 275,000 refugees and hundreds dead), a new generation of orphans, resurgence of ISIS, more than 800 ISIS members have escaped prisons held by Kurds and opened by Turkish bombing. Turkish invasion can engulf the region in an endless and unpredictable war. 

When asked Donald Trump why a sudden pull out American troops and leaving the Kurdish people without protection, the most reliable American and Western ally, his response was: "Well they (Kurds) didn't help us in Normandy, they didn't help the United States in WWII"... this statement indicates the President's lack of understanding of politics, geography and history.


First of all, Germany initiated WWII, and now a close ally of the US, Turkey was an ally of NAZI and sent a Muslim battalion in support of NAZIs during WWII, and now member of NATO and a close ally of the US. Ironically, in an interview with Rudaw Mr. Ahmed Delzar, now 100 years old, told the news channel that indeed an army of nine thousand Kurdish soldiers were sent to Normandy under the command of British Officers to fight the NAZIs, but that's beside the point. 
The fact is US had a military pact with the Kurds to fight and defeat ISIS and they were promised by the Americans not to let the Turks attack Kurdistan of Syria. The Kurds fought ISIS, liberated a large swath of land from ISIS including their capital Raqqa and for that they lost over 11,000 lives and 24000 wounded with many cities and villages in ruin. The goal was reached to a large extent, ISIS influence was substantially decreased but not eliminated. ISIS elements and sleeper cells in many areas in Syria and Iraq are active and alive and occasionally they attack the Kurds and Iraqis. In the midst of this, President Trump is promising Turkey that the US would not interfere if they attack the Kurds, this is betrayal.

President Trump and other US leaders have indicated over and over that the Kurds are the most reliable ally of the US and the West, and will be protected from Turkish attacks, all of a sudden a phone call with Turkish president Erdoghan changes the whole scenario in favor of Turkey because Turkey is a "NATO member, and no one knows what other reasons as of yet. Apparently becoming a NATO member grants you a license to kill. Turkey claims the Kurds are terrorists and create instability in the region. It is proved over and over, with eyewitnesses from the military personnel of the western allies especially the US officers on the battle ground that the Kurds pose no threat to Turkey, and that Turkey is a staunch supporter of ISIS, it is Turkey that creates instability in the region. The Turks don't hide their real intention of eliminating the Kurds and they have declared that they oppose Kurdish independence even in Argentina. On the other hand, if the Kurds are terrorists, why does the US work with them, do American administration support terrorism?

Turkish war against the people of Kurdistan is reminiscent of Turkish war of genocide against the Armenians in 1915, the Turks are hungry again for another genocide. This war is also, in a sense, the war of NATO against the Kurds, Turkish invasion engulfs much more than Kurdistan of Syria if not contained immediately. The European countries for the most part are observers. Occasional arms embargo, or as some American law makers indicated recently, "the embargo will be in place until Turks leave Northern Syria", is only a lip service. Many countries have been under embargo for the many years, but it didn't change their behavior in stopping state sponsored terrorism, oppressing their people and adventurism outside of their borders, and many other examples have shown that embargo doesn't result favorably.

Today (15 October 2019) 28 European member states agreed to stop arms sale to Turkey, besides United States, Australia, and other countries! It's as if Turkish army is preparing for an Armageddon, with the help from NATO. Why 28 European countries are selling arms to turkey, what do they have in mind? Turkey already have enough arms to fight the Kurds for tens of years, stopping arms sale doesn't put a dent in Turkish hunger for war.
Independence of Kurdistan is the only measurable yardstick for peace and stability in the Middle East, it may seem to cause chaos in the region initially, but sooner or later this should be done, and in the long run, it brings stability to the region. Kurdish independence creates a buffer zone between Iran and Turkey who have been at war off and on for the past five hundred years, it creates a buffer zone between Turkey and the Arab world that have been at odds for the last three hundred years.

At this critical moment there is only one option for the Kurds to be able to defuse the regional enemies assaults and that is unity and trust in each other. Kurdish political parties shall struggle to protect Kurdish identity, not party affiliation. The recent decision by President Trump have created chaos in the Middle East, Turkey is emboldened further, although a NATO member, Turkey have done everything against the Western interest in the last ten years or so, ISIS is regrouping and other extremists are strengthened. Today the extremists are reviving and much stronger than pre-Turkish invasion. Erdogan uses Islam to attack Kurdish men, women and children, destroy their homes and cities and making them leave their land. Erdogan abuses religion and manipulates people to support his fascist ideas against the Kurds to expand his reign and revive Ottoman Empire. In this war the Kurdish and Turkish people loose, while Syria, Russia, Iran, ISIS are the winners.

Trump offered Kirkuk to Iraq in Oct. 2017, Afrin to Turkey in Jan. 2018, today he offered Rojava to Turkey, Syria, and Russia. This is the demise of the American empire. America has lost its credibility in the world as a reliable and credible superpower and as an ally who you can be count on. Countries and world communities realize that they can no longer trust the America policy makers. Who is the next superpower?


 Voice of Kurdish-American Radio for Democracy, Peace, and Freedom

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