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Home arrow Health and Education arrow CSUN Introduces the First Wellness Vending Machine in the Cal State System
CSUN Introduces the First Wellness Vending Machine in the Cal State System چاپ ارسال به دوست
CSUN Introduces the First Wellness Vending Machine in the Cal State System


October 28, 2019



The first day of Cklara Moradian's internship was a heavy one. She sat in on a pregnancy counseling and watched a girl have one of the hardest conversations she may ever have. The girl explained that she didn't have access to Plan B and that she had a bit of a difficult living situation.


As they discussed her options going forward, Moradian, a master of social work intern at the Klotz Student Health Center, felt she could be doing more to help people in unfortunate situations like this young girl.

Moradian and her adviser, Amy Reichbach, began discussing ways to prevent pregnancy rather than meeting with people after the fact.

As a result, CSUN has become the first CSU to have a Wellness Vending Machine which dispenses emergency contraceptive pills and other health-related items.

Moradian recognized the limited hours at the Klotz Student Health Center, and she and Reichbach wanted to provide more access to these much-needed items.

"This is not an abortion pill," said Moradian. "It is legal and safe to use over the counter, and ultimately this is just another way to make sure students have power and resources to make decisions about their lives and their bodies."

According to Stephanie Barboza, the vice chair of the University Student Union, the wellness vending machine could help the community as well, because CSUN is a public campus and anyone who needs it can have access to it.

"I think that's our duty as CSUN students and a CSUN community to help the youth of our community and anyone that we can," said Barboza. "As students, we shouldn't be paying $50 for a morning-after pill when we have the resources on campus to have it for cheaper."

The Wellness Vending Machine located inside the USU Sol Center sells Tylenol, pads, tampons, condoms, lube, pregnancy tests and emergency contraceptive pills.

Everything in the vending machine is $5 aside from the emergency contraceptive pills are $25.

All items must be purchased with a credit or debit card, and the purchase will appear as "Fast Food" in the bank statement to protect the student's privacy.

Corrections: We have corrected the prices of the items that are not the contraceptive pill. 

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