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What you can do about the terrible news and what’s happening to Kurds چاپ ارسال به دوست

What you can do about the terrible news andwhat's happening to Kurds 

CKlara Moradin
A lot of my friends have been asking what they can do about the terrible news they
are hearing and what's happening to Kurds. Some of you have outrage fatigue, but please don't just shrug and look away.
If you're US based, here are just a few things you can do:
-Call/write/email your representatives and in the strongest terms condemn Trump's foreign policy. Tweet at them and urge them to make public statements about the issue BUT more importantly urge a No Fly Zone over Rojava. Keep doing this. Ask others to join you.
-DIVEST Turkey! Stop flying Turkish Airlines, stop buying Turkish products, stop supporting companies that have ties to Turkey
-This is not for everyone, but if you have capacity, connect with someone in your local Kurdish community and ask if they are holding a protest in front of the Turkish Consulate and join them  

-If you're part of communities that have historic ties to the region (Armenians, Arabs, Assyrians, Greeks, others) join with us in solidarity and urge your organizations to put out a statement condemning Turkey
-If you have media connections or you're an influencer/have a platform, amplify Kurdish voices
-If you're part of a large institution such as academia or hospitals, share this with your colleagues. This is not just about politics. This is directly and tangibly impacting people, including students, clients, and their families.
-There are online petitions going around, sign them- may be completely useless, but at the least these are documents that people are outraged about this issue

-Some folks have asked me about donating to people on the ground.
The logistics of that seem to be challenging at the moment; however, there is another refugee crisis in the making- there are a number of very reputable organizations in 
Northern Iraq that will need support in the upcoming weeks. Let's talk about this
-Educate others around you so that Kurds are not constantly having to do the labor of explaining who we are and why we are suffering. It is exhausting
-Listen to Kurdish songs, watch a Kurdish film, support a Kurdish cultural organization, eat a Kurdish meal so we can maintain our culture and not be annihilated through genocide and assimilation policies
-Learn about Rojava and what it stood for
-Connect this issue with other really critical issues facing our world (refugees, climate, linguicide) and build cross movement coalitions
-Finally, if you're Turkish, Arab, Persian, stop denying our existence and right to self-determination by calling us "separatists"- it's violent!
-If none of the above seem feasible to you, just call your Kurdish friends and offer to hear them out, sit with them over a meal, bake them some goods, check in with them.

Do not underestimate the power of a hug. Nothing feels more demoralizing right now than having to go about the day as if nothing is happening in the world when you are deeply hurting
=If others have ideas, I'll add them




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