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Cklara Moradian; Another Grief Poem #43 چاپ ارسال به دوست
VOKRadio, Los Angeles, California, USA   

Another Grief Poem #43

It's Halabja, Newroz, March again

(which means Diaspora Blues are in high gear)


Cklara Moradian

Los Angeles, Mrch 4, 2018


To Mehmet, now dead.

To Airports, now closed. 

To Homeland, now destroyed. 

To loss/ I can't recall where or how or whom.

To Kurdistan, of my imagination. 

To Newroz, in diaspora

To (lesser) loves, now gone...

I know, my dear
I must not stare directly at this
(have mercy, they implore)
I must not look into the dazzling brilliance of
your memory 

None    the    less

I risk eternal despair for a moment of (re)connection. Maybe

I can look away just in time. Maybe
I can distract just enough. Maybe

The imprinted image of your face stays/ behind my eyelids/ I see
your silhouette/ still.

In the bitter depth of my throat/ under my sour tongue
you are all I taste/ still.

This is how/who you are. missed/ fading/ light
A halo around my setting sun. ephemeral in your






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