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Iran, a Secret Hand behind ISIS Growing چاپ ارسال به دوست
Reza Fathollanejad, VOKRadio, Los Angeles, California, USA   

Iran, a Secret Hand behind ISIS Growing!

reza_fathollanejad.jpgReza Fathollanejad

March 12,2017 

Today, ISIS is so weak in comparison with its power during last three years, but whereas the anti-ISIS operations have been successful somewhat this terrorist group is close to its last breathing, the United states, the European countries and the Arab states should be careful about what was behind the power of ISIS, because the source of terrorism the Islamic Republic of Iran is breathing yet.


Some important elements behind very fast growing of ISIS

When ISIS was a small group and had not been gotten a worldwide attention yet, the situation of Iraq and even Syria was not suitable for raising such a brutal and backward group. In Iraq, for instance, the Sunni Iraqis were tired of being in center of the clashes between the Iraqi army and the Coalition forces with Al-Qaida and pro-Bath groups and the bomb attacks carried out by the Shia and Sunni terrorist groups that had caused destruction of every things a normal life needs.



In one aspect, this is right that the war situation cause violence that reproduces violence; but it should not be forgotten that any growing political group needs to get a sort of support from the purpose community. We did not see any big uprising or protest at Iraq’s Sunni cities against the presence of the United States’ forces in Iraq or more against the Kurdistan government as an ally of the U.S in the period of constructing ISIS while most of the protests and complains were concentrated on the Iran’s interferences in Iraq’s affairs and Baghdad government. But ISIS has not attacked the Iran’s very close allies so often that it has targeted the U.S’ allies, except during its first year.

ISIS did the same in Syria, as they carried out attacks against the opposition groups of Bashar Assad rather than against the forces of Assad. They earned very quickly some success in Syria without having a necessary background to grow so fast.

There was not any vacuum to give a big place for such brutality. At that time, a various groups were active in the ground; the Bashar Assad’s government was representing the Shia Islamic sectarian view; the Al-Nosra Front was representing the Sunni Islamic sectarian view; the Kurdish and Arab groups are raising the flag of nationalism; and the Free Syrian Army was representing itself as a democratic and patriotic force.

ISIS began with occupying some important cities under the Assad forces, continued with attacking the opposition groups including the Kurds, the Free Syrian Army and Al-Nosra, but finally raised the anti-Western flag. Its struggle with Assad’s forces was understandable, but based on what conclusion they decided to attack other opposition forces and beginning war in so many frontiers was strange and caused confusion about their aims.

The very fast growing of ISIS in Iraq and Syria was not so hard that it might be. When they attacked Mussel, the Baghdad army did not show any resistance and gave up so quickly, even though they not even had enough troops and war supplies to repel the ISIS troops, but also were able to receive help from the Coalition’s warplanes.

According to an investigation into the Iraqi Army’s failure of Mussel, the prime minister at the time Maleki who is very close to the Islamic Republic of Iran had ordered the Iraqi troops to not resisting and only flee without carrying any supply. To withdraw the forces without resistance was translated to offer a very strategic territory and so advanced American heavy guns to ISIS.

In Syria, at the time Al-Nosra as an Islamic group had raised and had succeeded to take over some regions that caused to strengthen the doubt of Washington to support the Damascus’ opposition groups and making a no-fly zone, the appearance of ISIS with so brutality that shocked the world was manning the end of every attempt and failing every plan to support the anti-sectarian and anti-dictatorship Syrian movement by the west countries. Indeed, the earlier defeats of Assad’s army by ISIS troops were somewhat unrealistic, because they were giving up so quickly than it was expected from an army that had been under attack from different lines for more than one year.


No attack on Iran and the suspicions!

Iran always tries to represent itself as one of the most important enemy of the extremist Sunni groups like ISIS and Al-Qaeda. In the first view, it seems logical that a Shia state like Iran which claims the leadership of the Islam world would be in target of terrorist Sunni groups. But only by review the terrorist attacks carried out by them, we will notice that the organizations like ISIS and Al-Qaeda have not conducted any attack against Iran directly yet.

 As long as near twenty millions Sunni Muslims live in Iran and their majority are dissatisfied with the existence of a strong dictatorship in the country and also most of them are among the national minorities, we could not say there has not been any background or space to those terrorist groups to recruit within Iran and carry out at least one operation during the past twenty years.

Iran has already claimed that they had been able to identify a few terrorist teams of ISIS and Al-Qaeda before conducting any attack, but it is unbelievable that how both organizations have not been able to conduct any operation in Iran, while they have been able to carry out some terrible terrorist attacks within the United states, France, Germany, England, Spain and Belgium in the west and Saudi-Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Turkey, Pakistan and Afghanistan in the Middle-East. In his speech during the Munich Security Conference on Feb 12, 2017, Saudi-Arabia’s foreign minister Adel Al-Jubeir mentioned two special and interesting things about ISIS that helps us to understand better the reality behind this terrorist group. 

 “We can’t defeat Daash in Syria unless we bring about change in Bashar Al-Assad. He is the man who helped create it by releasing radical Islamists from his jails, by allowing Daash to operate without attacking them, by even trading with them, he is the man who allowed them to become what they are” said Al-Jubeir. He added, “Iran remains the single main sponsor of terrorism in the world” and posed this question why Iran is the only country that has not been attacked by Daash or Al-Qaeda yet?


Iran, Taliban and Al-Qaeda

Apparently, Iran and extremist Sunni groups have nothing to do together, but by noticing that the Islamic Republic of Iran has had relationship with the Al-Qaeda leaders and has sent military supplies for Taliban and has opened some training centers for them, we will get a different conclusion.

In March 2016, a Federal Court of New York condemned Iran and Hezbulla of Lebanon, which is a terrorist group linked with Iran, for participating in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, according to Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper.

On June 7, 2016, after the Pakistani officials, an Iranian website JAHANNEWS also revealed the previous leader of Taliban Mullah Akhtar Mansour, whom had been killed by American warplane, “one week before being killed, had been in Iran for two months and had had various negotiations with a range of Iranian organizations”.

The Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps has helped Taliban by sending them the military supplies from 2007, told Senator John McCain to the Wall Street Journal on June 12, 2016. “Iran Trains Taliban to Use Roadside Bombs”, this was one of Fox News’ news titles published on March 21, 2010, “Taliban commanders have revealed that hundreds of insurgents have been trained in Iran to kill NATO forces in Afghanistan”. 

What is the main different between Taliban, which is under control of Al-Qaeda and is responsible for killing tens of thousands civilians, Afghan soldiers and NATO forces, with ISIS?

Surely, Iran’s regime does not recognize any restriction to contact with ISIS, as it did with Taliban. Besides, ISIS permits itself to show the highest level of brutality in the way of achieving its purposes, therefore having a secret or even an obvious relationship with the Islamic Republic of Iran which is the bank of terrorism in the world, as U.S Department of Treasury inserts it in its annual reports every year, seems very logical.


To kill two birds with one stone

The Islamic Republic of Iran has had many promotions and motivations to help the growing process of ISIS. The most important of them was that in the time of raising ISIS, Iran was under the sanctions conducted by the Six Powers; therefore the regime was near the collapse due to the financial pressures, as the Iranian president Hassan Rouhani has emphasized on it.

If we had not done the Nuclear Deal, we only could have had money to pay our employees, said he in an interview with an Iranian formal TV on January, first, 2017. Moreover, “until now, there has not been any country whose their affairs had been brought and approved under the Chapter VII of UN charter without trying to collapse it or imposing a war against it [by the powers]”, said Rouhani, according to IRNA on February 25, 2017. 

Because of the financial pressures, Iran did not have the power to help the terrorist groups especially in Yemen and had some horrific fears concern to probable collapsing of Bashar Al-Assad in Syria. Thus, Iran needed to deal with the west, but such a deal that could be helpful for the regime to achieve their blocked money very soon. This kind of deal was impossible at the moment, unless Iran had some special cart games to convince the Powers to deal with. Iran did not have that power to play with, but helping to growing ISIS maybe was a deceptive idea to reverse the equations.






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