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Twin bomb attacks target PDK-Iran headquarter near Erbil چاپ ارسال به دوست
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Twin bomb attacks target PDK-Iran headquarter near Erbil

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region (Kurdistan24) - On Tuesday night, two explosions targeted the Kurdistan Democratic Party (PDK) - Iran headquarter in the city of Koya in Erbil province.

Following the explosions, ambulances rushed to the scene and transferred the wounded people to the nearby hospitals.

Spokesperson of Koya Hospital told Kurdistan24 that some of the wounded were transferred to Erbil hospital due to their critical health conditions.pdki_122016.jpg

"Now, we cannot blame any side for the attacks on PDK headquarter," Kamal Kareemi, a member of the PDK political bureau, told Kurdistan24 on Tuesday.

The explosions took place around 10:30 pm local time.



According to the PDK announcement on Wednesday, six people were fallen and four more injured.

The fallen people are two members of PDK politic bureau Ali Qoitasi and Wahab Mir Khzri, two PDK Peshmerga fighters Salar Baqri and Arsalan Abbas Niya, a member of PDK Democratic Youth Union Nasir Kareemi, and a security member of the Kurdistan Region Adnan Abdullah.

The announcement also mentions that four more persons were wounded, including two PDK Peshmerga fighters and two security members.

The PDK condemned the “terrorist” attack and sent condolences to the family of the victims as well as wishing a speedy recovery for the wounded people.

It states that investigation is ongoing about the twin bomb attacks with the presence of the Kurdistan Region Security members and will reveal detail in later announcements.

So far, no group has claimed responsibility for the attacks.

Iranian Kurdish PDK, previously separated from Kurdistan Democratic Party - Iran (PDKI) in 2006. It is a Kurdish political party in Iranian Kurdistan (Rojhilat) that seeks to achieve Kurdish national rights within a democratic and federal republic of Iran.

PDK was accepted as a full member of the Socialist International at its November 2015 Council meeting held in Luanda, Angola. The leader of the party is Khalid Azizi.



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