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From Amnesty International--Neda Project, June 12 actions چاپ ارسال به دوست
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From Amnesty International--Neda Project, June 12 actions
By:Elise Auerbach
Iran country specialist, Amnesty International USA
June 8th, 2010

Dear Friends:amnestylogo.gif

I would like to tell you about the Neda Project. As most of you know, the anniversary of the killing of Neda Agha-Soltan in Tehran is fast approaching (June 20). Amnesty International has partnered with the band The Airborne Toxic Event on the Neda Project. The band wrote a song for Neda, simply called "Neda" and have created an amazing video recounting the events surrounding the elections and Neda's tragic and very public death.

The idea is to get millions of people to watch the video and take action for human rights in Iran . To accompany the video, the song is up on iTunes with  all proceeds benefiting Amnesty International. Please go to the site to watch the video and take action. We are also asking those of you who wish to take a photo holding a sign that says "I Am Neda" for the website that has been set up for this project.  Your photo will be one of hundreds, if not thousands of people who are taking part. People are also encouraged to spread the word via Facebook and Twitter.

I also wanted to let you know about a few events organized by AIUSA members for June 12, the anniversary of the disputed presidential elections, which is a Global Day of Action. Attached please find a press release for the event in Los Angeles . Please also see,0,2794289.story for a story about the event planned for Orlando , Florida . Thanks to AIUSA members Alireza Azizi and Sanya Avazpour for all their work in organizing these two events.   For more information about the June 12 day of action and events near you please go to 

Best wishes,
Elise Auerbach
Iran country specialist, Amnesty International USA




Press Release        


Contacts:       Alireza       310-866-8656       Federal Building, Los Angeles, California

                        Atousa        310-701-7745     June 12, 2010, 4:00 to 7:00 PM


For Immediate Release                                                         


Global Day of Action in Support of Human Rights in Iran, on the Anniversary of the Disputed Presidential Election

Los Angeles Rally on June 12th

‘Rallies Planned in More Than 65 Cities around the World'


WHAT:          To mark one year of crackdown and blatant human rights abuses since the disputed presidential election on June 12th, we are coordinating a global day of action in partnership with wide range of local, students,  online groups, prominent NGOs,  activists, concerned citizens, and many others. Nearly 65+ cities - ranging from Berlin to Bahrain and Tokyo to Cairo - have already committed to hosting events.


In addition, on June 10-12, mobile billboards will be circling key cities around the world including Los Angeles, London, and Johannesburg (during the world cup!). During the week of June 12, & Balatarin are partnering to stream events live and uploaded videos of the week's activities from around the world.


WHY:             The Iranian government continues to commit human rights violations by arbitrary arrest, torture, rape and killing of its citizens. Last month the world heard the sudden news of executions of four Kurd political activists and another man, the five were denied fair trials.  Many others who were just asking for their votes to be counted have been arrested and some have been sentenced to death.   There is a fear that in the run up to the first anniversary of the last year disputed presidential election, the government could carry more executions in attempt to intimate people.   So on this day we are demanding the following:


1. Abrogation of the execution of  all political prisoners & Prisoners of Conscience.
2. Free  all political prisoners / prisoners of Conscience with no exception or pre-condition.
3. Upholding the UN Human Rights Declaration and respecting Civil and democratic rights of the people of Iran.


WHO:             The day's sponsors include;
United4IRAN, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Reporters Without Borders, Nobel Women's Initiative, LDDHI: Iranian League for the Defense of Human Rights, Pen International, International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran , Physicians for Human Rights, Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies, Baha'i International Community, Society for Human Rights in Iran Southern California, Mourning Mothers, Los Angeles, Society for Democracy in Iran, Los Angeles


June 12 Coalition Organizing Committee, Los Angeles




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