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Calling for a demonstration in front of Turkish consulate in Los Angeles on Aug. 13 at Noon چاپ ارسال به دوست
vokradio.Los Angeles, California, USA   

 In Solidarity With the Kurdish Fighters YPJ/YPJ Against ISIS, Fundamentalism, Patriarchy

 "Los Angeles Support the Kurdish Resistance" has called for a demonstration in front of Turkish consulate in Los Angeles on Thursday, August 13 at noon.

We hope the Kurds and the Human Rights activists in Southern California can turn out to support.

Thursday, August 13 at 12 pm

Turkish Consulate Los Angeles

6300 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90036


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A gathering for humanity چاپ ارسال به دوست
vokradio.Los Angeles, California, USA   
A gathering for humanity
By: Humanitarian Efforts and Relief Assistance " HERA"
 An evening of Live Kurdish Music, delicious food and an opportunity to unite for Humanity.
Agoura Hills/Calabasas Community Center
27040 Malibu Hills Rd, Calabasas, California 91301
Saturday August 8th, 2015 ; 6:30pm - 10:30pm
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Kurds and the Persian Nuke Deal چاپ ارسال به دوست
vokradio, Los Angeles, California, USA   

kani-xulam.jpgKurds and the Persian Nuke Deal

July 22,2015

The so-called nuclear “peace” agreement negotiated with Iran has generated lots of diplomatic niceties—but little substance.

President Barzani of little Kurdistan hoped for “peace” in the region while his Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani, a graduate of University of Tehran no less, envisioned “better economic ties” with Iran.

Diplomatic baloney aside, what do ordinary Kurds think of the deal?

What should they think?

They should certainly realize that this great “deal” missed by only one day the 26th anniversary of the ruthless assassination of a Kurdish diplomat by Iranian “peace” emissaries—only miles from the Palais Coburg, the Viennese hotel, where the “hopeful” nuclear pact was just inked.

Abdul Rahman Ghassemlou, head of Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran (KDPI), thought he was negotiating a peace deal with his Persian interlocutors on July 13, 1989, in Vienna, Austria.

But his Iranian counterparts had murder on their minds.

After luring him to meet with them in an apartment of a turncoat Kurd, they viciously slaughtered him and his bodyguards along with the traitor Kurd—shot them all point-blank like sitting ducks.

This brutal fact was conveniently disregarded in the Austrian capital.

It was also missing from the triumphant comments following the newest “peace” announcement.

It was a thousand miles away from the jubilant mind of French foreign minister Laurent Fabius, flashing smiles and flamboyantly hoping that their deal would stand the test of time like the Bastille Day—the independence day of France—and usher an era of peace in the world.

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مصاحبه اختصاصی رادیو صداى كردهاى مقيم امريكا با هنرمند سرشناس کورد و ايرانى خانم روژان چاپ ارسال به دوست
vokradio.Los Angeles, California, USA   

 مصاحبه اختصاصی رادیو صداى كردهاى مقيم امريكا با هنرمند سرشناس کورد و ايرانى خانم روژان به مناسبت كنسرت بزرگ ايشان و گروه همراه در لوس آنجلس

٢٠ جولاى ٢٠١٥

لوس آنجلس، كاليفرنيا



خانم روژان هنرمند به نام کرد که آهنگهای زيبا و به ياد ماندنى به چند زبان کردی ،فارسی و آذری دارد به زودی کنسرت بزرگی در ویلشر ایبل تئاتر خواهد داشت.
دراین مصاحبه خانم روژان به توضیحاتی در رابطه با برگزارى كنسرتشان در ماه آکوست پرداختند و فعالیعای هنری خود را در زمینه های مختلف توضیح دادند. ایشان از همکاری بی شائبه اقای مهرداد اعرابی و آقای شاهین یوسف زمانی و ديگر موسيقيدانان شركت كننده در اين كنسرت بزرگ  قدردانی کردند.

مصاحبه حاضر گفتو گویی صمیمانه با بانوی آواز کردستان خانم روژان است .روژان به همراهی چند تن از هنرمندان صاحب نام موسیقی در حال تهیه و تدارک برگزاری کنسرت بزرگی در ماه آگوست هستند.
این رادیو مفتخر است که مصاحبه با ایشان را به دوزبان فارسی و کردی به سمع علاقمندان برساند.



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Mrs. Soraya Fallah received Honor Society recognition for her educational excellence چاپ ارسال به دوست
vokradio.Los Angeles, California, USA   
  Mrs. Soraya Fallah received Honor Society Recognition for her educational excellence

June 29th, 2015



Mrs. Soraya Fallah a Doctoral Student in Educational Leadership and Policy Study at California State University Northridge (CSUN), a scholar, researcher and a lifelong Women and Human Rights activist , received Honor Society recognition for her educational excellence. 


In an interview with VOKRadio Mrs. Soraya Fallah said: “I am humbled to receive recognition from Honor Society, Pi Lambda Theta. This is most prestigious award I have received”


Mrs. Fallah works extensively with local and International NGOs to promote human rights in the USA and throughout the world, specifically protecting the rights of ethnic minorities in the Middle East.


The president of honor society wrote to Mrs. Fallah:


“Congratulations!! Your excellent academic performance at the Michael D. Eisner college of Education at CSUN has proven you to be a dedicated educator …”


PLT executive director and International president were signed the award as follow:

“International Honor society and Professional association in education be it known that the right to wear the key of Pi Lambda Theta was conferred upon Soraya Fallah…”  


The honor society is a rank organization that recognizes excellence among peers in the United States.


Numerous societies recognize various fields and circumstances.


Pi Lambda Theta is an international education honor association that recognizes scholarship and leadership in the field of education. It is an honor society and professional association for educators. As an honor society, its purpose is to recognize persons of superior scholastic achievement and high potential for professional leadership. As a professional association, its purpose is to stimulate independent-thinking educators who can ask critical questions to improve educational policies and practices.

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