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Petition to the Government of Iran on Behalf of Doctors Kamiar Alaei and Arash Alaei چاپ ارسال به دوست
Physician for Human Rights   


  Petition to the Government of Iran on Behalf of Doctors

Kamiar Alaei and Arash Alaei

 Physicians for Human Rights today urged the Iranian government to end the incommunicado detention of Drs. Arash Alaei and Kamiar Alaei, two Iranian physicians who have reportedly been detained in Iran by Iranian authorities. The physicians, who are brothers, were apparently arrested at the end of June, 2008 and their current whereabouts are unknown. The doctors are experts on HIV/AIDS and have worked for many years on HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment activities in Iran and internationally. PHR calls on the government of Iran to disclose their whereabouts, provide them access to lawyers and family, and either to charge them with an internationally recognized crime or release them immediately .

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Mr. Saman Rasolpoor, a Kurdish Jurnalist and Human Right activisit arrested چاپ ارسال به دوست
Azad Moradian   
Mr. Saman Rasolpoor, a Kurdish Journalist and Human Right activist arrested

Sunday July 27, 2008 Mr. Saman Rasolpoor a Kurdish journalist and a member of the Human Right defense in Kurdistan of Iran was arrested about 7:00 am today,by Mahabad province court order. He was charged with spreading "lies" trough interviewing with foreign Medias and organizing the Saturday's demonstration in city of Mahabad
 سامان رسول پور عضو هیات اجرایی سازمان دفاع از حقوق بشر کردستان، صبح امروز بازداشت شد.

saman_rasoulpour.jpg   "سامان ڕه‌سووڵپوور" به‌رپرسێکی ڕێکخراوی مافی مرۆڤی کوردستان قۆڵبه‌ستکرا

 بنه‌ماڵه‌ی ڕۆژنامه‌نووس و ئه‌ندامی ده‌سته‌ی به‌ڕیوه‌به‌ریی ڕێکخراوی مافی مرۆڤی کوردستان "سامان ڕه‌سووڵپوور" له‌ لێدوانێکدا ئاشکرایکرد که‌ سه‌رله‌به‌یانیی ئه‌مڕۆ (یه‌کشه‌ممه‌) گرووپێک کاربه‌ده‌ستی ده‌وله‌ت که‌ به‌ "لیباس شه‌خسی" ناسراون، هه‌ڵیانکوتاوه‌ته‌ سه‌ر ماڵی سامانی ڕه‌سووڵپوور و به‌ تاوانی ڕێکخستنی خۆپێشاندانی دوێنێ شاری مه‌هاباد، قۆڵبه‌ستیان کردووه‌.  

Iran plans mass execution: report چاپ ارسال به دوست
afp_photo__iran.jpgIran plans mass execution: report

TEHRAN (AFP) - Iran is planning a mass execution of 30 people convicted of murder and drug trafficking, a local newspaper reported on Saturday.

"Thirty people convicted of murder, drug trafficking, illegal relationships... will be executed on Sunday at dawn," the Aftab newspaper quoted Tehran's prosecutor office as saying.

It would the largest mass execution in the Islamic republic in recent years. In January, Iran hanged 13 people including the mother of two young children who had been found guilty of murdering her husband

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The first International Conference on Kurdish Women for Peace and Equality-March 8th, 2007 Erbil چاپ ارسال به دوست
Kurdish Women Rights Committee   
International Conference on Kurdish Women for Peace and Equality
March 8th, 2007 Erbil- Kurdistan
About The Conferance
The conference will be held in Southern Kurdistan and will be focusing on the role of Kurdish women in politics, science, art, and history inside Kurdistan and in Diaspora as well as marginal participation of women in politics. Kurdish Women compose half of the citizens in Kurdish society. Opportunities for women to be represented in political bodies and to have influence in political matters are important yardsticks of democracy and thus an integral indication of social development and democratization processes in the region.
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The Kurdish Republic of Mahabad 1946 چاپ ارسال به دوست, LosAngeles, California, USA   
The following article  was published on  old vokradio website on February 2006.
The paper was presented in a Kurdish-related event on 6th February 2006 in the UCLA (University of California-Los Angeles) - School of Public Policy, USA entitled “From Kurdish prospective: Iraq, the world and the future of the Kurdish people”.
hiwa_nezhadian_2006.jpg The Kurdish Republic of Mahabad 1946

By: Hiwa Nezhadian


Ladies and gentlemen, it's not common to have a gathering like this one and talk to the academia and American audience about the plight of the Kurdish people, their history and how the ruling Middle Eastern governments perceive them. I am glad I am here tonight on the 60th anniversary of the Kurdish republic of 1946 and I hope to answer some historical questions in your minds. So, I briefly talk about the creation of the Republic, the political mood and the environment of WWII in the northern part of Eastern Kurdistan, i.e. the part under the Iran's control.

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