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URGENT CALL FOR ACTION and SOLIDARITY! End military curfew in Kurdish towns of Turkey چاپ ارسال به دوست
vokradio, Los Angeles, California, USA   




The Women Freedom Assembly in Turkey (Kadın Özgürlük Meclisi – KÖM)





 Dec. 22, 2015

End military curfew in Kurdish towns of Turkey 

The war in Turkey is intensifying; people, all living beings and history is being destroyed!
As the State becomes more and more ISIS-like, the peoples’ resistance resembles Kobanê!

In the Kurdish towns/provinces of Hakkari, Dargeçit, Sur, Nusaybin, Silopi and Cizre, the State:

  • Has removed all doctors’ leaves and permissions, calling all medical equipment personnel to be prepared,
  • Has emptied out student dormitories, placing security forces within them instead of students,
  • Has swiftly removed teachers from places where it has declared or is planning to declare curfews and perpetrate massacres,
  • Is currently preventing entry into and exit from these districts by way of police and military forces,
  • Is continuing an endless dispatch of military equipment, ammunition, soldiers and police forces at the highest level possible to these areas. What this means is more killings, greater massacres, destruction and pain.

Since the 7th of June, indefinite and all day long curfews have been declared 52 times in the 17 districts of 6 different provinces, where 1.3 million people live.

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IHD-TIHV-Report: Human right violations in Turkey in 2015 چاپ ارسال به دوست
vokradio, Los Angeles, California, USA   

Severe human right violations by the Turkish state

We call all the democratic organizations and international foundations to stand against AKP and Erdogan's dictatorship and support the peoples resisting for democracy.

As long as peace for the Kurdish people is not ensured and an end is not put to Turkey's policies in Syria and Iraq, EU countries are facing a threat. ISIS, that is taking advantage of Turkey's approach in the Middle East, is bloodsheding in the EU. To stop ISIS, the support that Turkey is giving to ISIS needs to be halted and condemned.


The Human Rights Association (IHD) and the Human Rights Foundation of Turkey (TIHV), published the 2015 human rights violation report that was prepared during the 10-17 December Week of Human Rights. Ozturk Turkdogan, the general president of IHD who disclosed the report declared "From the perspective of human rights there is a demand that needs to be met from Turkey. That is to urgently establish peace. When peace is not ensured the right to live is not protected, when the right to live is being abused it is impossible to speak of other human rights". Moreover Turkdogan, said that since there was no intervention in the human right violations conducted in 2015, the United Nations' system has collapsed.

The end of the Kurdish-Turkish Peace Process increased the violations

Severe cases of human right violations were experienced during 2015: In Diyarbakir (5 dead, tens injured) , in Suruc (33 dead, tens injured) and in the Ankara massacre (100 dead, hundreds injured). With the end of the Kurdish-Turkish Peace Process by the President of Turkey Recep T Erdogan, hundreds of people were shot in the streets by the law enforcement units, in the renewed conflicts. Tens of times civilians and the PKK were bombed on Iraq grounds. Curfew was declared in tens of Kurdish towns within Turkey. During the curfew period water and electric outages, lack of basic food supply was experienced. Medication and treatment to those injured by the attacks were not allowed by the police itself on the ground of the incident, whereas the dead could not be buried due to curfew prohibitions. During the blockade of towns and neighborhoods by the law enforcements units civilian youths, women, elderly and children were massacred. Journalists were arrested and freedom of press was violated. The refugees in Turkey are facing dramatic circumstances.

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Ahmet Kaya’s daughter says plagiarism allegations against Adele under investigation چاپ ارسال به دوست
vokradio, Los Angeles, California, USA   

Ahmet Kaya's daughter says plagiarism allegations against Adele under investigation



By: Ava Homa 

Dec. 13, 2015



Los Angeles - The daughter of legendary Kurdish singer Ahmet Kaya says allegation that British singer Adele has plagiarized from her late father are being investigated, and that her family is not ready to make any accusations.


The Kurdish singer's name appeared in the international media recently, when his fans accused Adele of plagiarising his song.  Kaya's 1985 hit "Acilara Tutunmak," which means "clinging to pain," is believed to have astounding similarities with "A Million Year Ago" of Adele's third album, "25." melis_kaya.jpg


"We heard about the incident indeed,"  Ahmet Kaya's daughter, Melis Kaya, told Rudaw

"There is a harmonic similarity between two songs, yet we left it to the music experts and lawyers. Also, we contacted our edition company in London. We believe that fans are somehow being a bit too excited about it though; it's not fair to accuse someone with something which is uncertain," she said.


She added that the deceased singer's recording companies in London and Istanbul are investigating the matter, but the family refuses to make any accusations just yet. 

The international pop singer of the UK's biggest-selling number one album of all time, Adele was once before accused of plagiarism in October, when Tom Waits' fans pointed out similarities between Adele's "Hello" and Waits' "Martha."  

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Open Letter to President Barak Obama about the November 1 Elections in Turkey چاپ ارسال به دوست
vokradio, Los Angeles, California, USA   

Open Letter to President Barak Obama about the November 1 Elections


in Turkey  


The President of the United States of America

The White House
Pennsylvania Avenue

Washington, DC 20501



Dear President Obama:

We members of the Kurdish American Education Society and the greater Kurdish communities in Southern California are hereby urging you and the international community to ensure that the upcoming November 1 elections 1 in Turkey are held freely and fairly.

As you are aware in the June nation wide elections, the opposition parties emerged triumphant by ending the AKP 's majority of parliamentary seats for the first time. The Pro-Kurdish HDP passed the 10% threshold in the hope of bringing about genuine democratic changes; however, the AKP has done everything possible to contest and reverse the results of these elections by tightening its grip on power, silencing all voices of opposition with its authoritarianism and so called anti-terrorism laws.

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The Kurds could be the key to the Middle East چاپ ارسال به دوست
vokradio, Los Angeles, California, USA   

The Kurds could be the key to the Middle East

By: Amir Taheri

October 18,2015



“I am puzzled by God’s wisdom
That, among all nations, has
denied Kurds a state of their own!”

This is how Kurdish poet Ahmadi Khani expressed his people’s feelings in “Love and Life,” the epic he composed in 1690.

ahmad_khani_kurdish_poem_1605_1706.jpgThree centuries later, the Kurds still don’t have a state but represent a spider’s-web set of ethnic and sectarian fractures that threaten the integrity of at least five nations.

At the time Khani wrote, a majority of mankind lived in a dozen empires or a jigsaw of isolated tribal entities with the concept of nation-state unknown outside Europe.

Now, in a world dotted with 198 nation-states, the Kurds represent the largest “nation” without a “state.”

Stuck in the center of every Middle East conflict, the Kurds are a rarity: a sympathetic ally. Supporting them is not without risk, as it could cause even more upheaval in the region, but if the US acts strongly and prudently, the Kurds could help keep Iran, ISIS and others in check.

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