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Cklara Moradian; Another Grief Poem #43 چاپ ارسال به دوست
VOKRadio, Los Angeles, California, USA   

Another Grief Poem #43

It's Halabja, Newroz, March again (which means Diaspora Blues are in high gear)


Cklara Moradian

Los Angeles, Mrch 4, 2018


To Mehmet, now dead. To Airports, now closed.
To Homeland, now destroyed. 
To loss/ I can't recall where or how or whom.
To Kurdistan, of my imagination.
To Newroz, in diaspora.
To (lesser) loves, now gone...

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Hanna Jaff Bosdet; VOKRadio interview چاپ ارسال به دوست
VOKRadio, Los Angeles, California, USA   

Hanna Jaff Bosdet; VOKRadio interview

Interviews with Kurdish Writers Series 

March 1, 2018
Exclusive; VOKRadio, Los Angeles

In observance and honor of International Women's Day/Month, Voice of Kurdish American Radio for Democracy, Peace, and Freedom, from the U.S, in collaboration with the organization World Women for Life (WWFL), conducted interviews with women identified writers from Kurdish decent. In this series, we learn about the lives and work of these talented writers, as they share with us the inspiration behind their work and contribute their insightful wisdom on working as Kurdish writers in today's world. In these interviews, we learn about the writer's backgrounds, interests, their role models, motivations, the role of mother tongue and relationship to other languages, as well as their take on feminism in their writing, experiences of gender-based discrimination, and misogyny.

These writers work in diverse fields and span different genres of writing. Some are accomplished authors of novels, while others work in journalism, poetry, and non-fiction.

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What kinds of opportunities are we Kurds losing چاپ ارسال به دوست
VOKRadio, Los Angeles, California, USA   

What kinds of opportunities are we Kurds losing?

If we do not learn from our history then we are bound to repeat them. 

A short note by Azad Moradian



We have been one of the biggest losers in history!

Yes, we have been betrayed by world powers in the past and continue to struggle with challenges to be recognized.

Yes, we have been under oppression and have faced genocide, war, and ethnic cleansing.

Yes, we lack adequate resources to educate our youth and keep them from being executed.

However, we cannot ignore the very fact that we have also often lacked strong compassionate leadership.

We have often lacked the right strategy and tactic.

We have done too little too late.

We have often been silent when we should have shouted, or not acted when we should have been up in arms.

Many times when we should have been at the negotiating tables we were too busy fighting amongst ourselves for power and position.

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A Letter to UN Secretary-General over Turkish threats to Syrian Kurds چاپ ارسال به دوست
Dr. Amir Sharifi, VOKRadio, Los Angeles, California, USA   

A Letter to United Nations Secretary-General - António Manuel de Oliveira Guterres over Turkish threats to Syrian Kurds 

Dear Mr. Guterres:
January 25, 2018

I am outraged by the Turkish government's war propaganda and impending attack against Kurds in Syria, particularly, Afrin, and a city of about one million residents. I am certain that you are aware of the grave situation; however, I am alarmed and shocked that the United Nations has yet to counter such aggressive assertions and actions perpetrated by Turkey in defiance of all international laws and obligations. According to Democratic Union Party or PYD and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the Turkish forces have escalated artillery and rocket shelling on the surrounding areas of Afrin in the northwestern part of Syria, causing several deaths, considerable damage and destruction.

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What is the Future for Kurdish Women چاپ ارسال به دوست
Ghomri Rostampour   

What is the Future for Kurdish Women?

Disclaimer:The opinions expressed in this article are the author's own and do not reflect the view of the official opinion of the VOKRadio. 

By: Ghomri Rostampour

November 29, 2017 

 The impact of patriarchy will damage women's character and society in two specific areas: The first aspect of patriarchy is the dominance of male over female. The second is the dominance that elders impose upon the younger generation. For Kurdish women, not only "patriarchy" but also state, religious, tradition and gender discrimination have further damaged and eroded their identity. This study focuses on the future of Kurdish women and the recovery from this. Brief references to the geography of Kurdistan and the history of cultural uprisings can help to understand these arguments better.

Kurdistan is one of the most ancient areas in the Middle East. Unfortunately, Kurdistan was separated from the other societies by colonial intrigue, genocide, and ignorance of the past governments. Kurds before Islam and after Islam had many uprisings: The first Kurd, Amir Badr Khan, ascended to power in 1821. He would not submit to current Ottoman's Amir. He established the properties of a kingdom, and among those he set forth were minting currency and reading sermons of his accomplishments. He extended his territory from East into the depths of the borders of Iran and from West to Mesopotamia. He occupied the Christian territories in 1843. In 1846 he attempted to attack the Christians, which had deadly consequences for him. In August 1848, he surrendered himself to Osman Pasha. At the end of his life, he was exiled to the island of Crete and Damascus, where he died in 1870.
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