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The Green Movement and Responsibilities That Lie Ahead چاپ ارسال به دوست, Los Angeles, California, USA   
The Green Movement and Responsibilities That Lie Ahead
By:mustefa_hijri_pdki08.jpg Mostafa Hejri

Following the November 4th demonstrations -particularly the protests on the Day of Ashura by the Green Movement in Tehran- it has become clear that the bulk of this opposition are ardent opponents of the theocratic rule. The slogans heard that day were echoes of slogans against the Velayet-e-Faghih and the dictatorship. Louder and clearer than any others were those slogans that targeted the foundation of this clerical regime of Velayet-e-Faghih.

Those voices forged the beginning of a daunting path for this regime and its leaders who have drenched their hands in the blood of Iranian activists. Theirs are the primary voices targeting this medieval regime which in the past has pretended to perpetuate its indefinite and totalitarian rule, by using its force, power and various ideological theories.

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Kurdistan Democratic Party vowed to assist the "Green Movement" چاپ ارسال به دوست, LosAngeles, California, USA   
 Kurdistan Democratic Party vowed to assist the "Green Movement"

irna_pdki_greenm_012210.jpgMedya News - IRNA the official news agency of the regime of Islamic Republic of Iran has put out a news on its Persian site that refers to the standpoint of Mostafa Hejri, the Secretary-general of Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan in regards to the "Green Movement of Iran" that Hejri has "proclaimed the green movement of Iran as the official opposition to the Islamic Republic."

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The Journal of Iranian-Kurdish Studies, Call for paper چاپ ارسال به دوست
Azad Moradian   
The Journal of Iranian-Kurdish  Studies, Call for paper

majid_haqi.jpg  By Majid Hakki

The Journal of Iranian-Kurdish (KI3) Studies is a multi-disciplinary journal devoted to the study of the Kurdish issue in Iran. Beside articles that deal with various empirical aspects of the Kurdish issue in Iran, the journal also welcomes contributions with a focus on conceptual and theoretical issues that are relevant for the analysis as well as the resolution of the Kurdish issue, i.e. federalism, shared and divided sovereignty, multinational democracy and so on.
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Tea with a Spymaster: 'I was meeting the Shah every month" چاپ ارسال به دوست,Los Angeles, CA, USA   
Tea with a Spymaster: 'I was meeting the Shah every month"

matthew_kalman.jpgWritten by Matthew Kalman

Meir Amit, former director of the Mossad secret service in Israel, died in July at the age of 88. [Ramat Gan, Israel] In 2006, at his modest walk-up apartment in Ramat Gan near Tel Aviv,
Meir Amit looked back at his long career as kibbutznik, general, spymaster and satellite entrepeneur and shared some of his fears for the future of the Middle East.

A member of Kibbutz Alonim, Amit said he was saddened by the decline of the kibbutz movement, which he credited with producing a generation of Israeli leaders who cared more for their country than for themselves.
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The Insanity on and in Iran چاپ ارسال به دوست, Los Angeles, CA, USA   

The Conversation - A New York Times Blog

The Insanity on and in Iran

By David Brooks and Gail Collins
Left, Alex Wong/Getty Images; right, Morteza Nikoubazl/Reuters Left, President Obama at a news conference on June 23. Right, Iran's Ayatollah Ali Khamenei delivers a sermon during Friday prayers at Tehran University, four days earlier.

David Brooks: Gail, many of us were born into the wrong era. You - and I'm just guessing here - would have been happy as William Henry Harrison's Rahm Emmanuel in 1841. You would have told him to wear galoshes on Inauguration Day and used his long presidency to advance the cause of Ohioan Cultural Hegemony - to make Ohio the cultural, financial and psychological center of the nation and the world, to the betterment of all.

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