Iranian Culture & Art Club of Fresno
به صدای کوردستان از آمریکا خوش آمدید-
رادیو ده نگی کوردستان له ئامریکا
Voice of Kurdish-American Radio for Democracy, Peace and Freedom
هێزی پێشمه‌رگه‌ له‌ ناوچه‌ی خانه‌قین‌ ڕووبه‌ڕووی وه‌فدێکی سوپای ئێڕاق بۆته‌وه‌   
2008/08/11 , 20:45
peshmarga87.jpg هێزی پێشمه‌رگه‌ له‌ ناوچه‌ی خانه‌قین‌ ڕووبه‌ڕووی وه‌فدێکی سوپای ئێڕاق بۆته‌وه‌
ڕێنێسانس نیوز؛ دوێنێ (یه‌کشه‌ممه‌) هێزێکی سه‌ربازیی سوپای ئێڕاق، وێرای چه‌ندین به‌رپرسی سه‌ربازیی ئه‌و وڵاته‌، به‌مه‌به‌ستی ئاماده‌کاری بۆ جێنشینکردنی هێزه‌کانی سوپا له‌ ناوچه‌که‌، گه‌یشتنه‌ ده‌روازه‌ی "مه‌نزه‌رییه"‌ له‌ ناوچه‌ی "خانه‌قین" و له‌گه‌ڵ هێزی پێشمه‌رگه‌ی کوردستان ڕووبهڕووبو
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Azad Moradian Paris-Geneva  

IRAN: Harsh slandering campaign against Nobel Peace Prize winner Ms. Shirin Ebadi and her family

Paris - Geneva, August 8, 2008 - The Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders, a joint programme of the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) and the World Organisation Against Torture (OMCT), express their utmost concern over the increasing intimidation against Ms. Shirin Ebadi, Nobel Peace Prize and Secretary General of the Defenders of Human Rights Center (DHRC), since she has decided to defend in court seven members of the Baha'i minority[1].

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Kurdish Issue in Iran Needs International Support, says WKI President
WKI Washington D.C
WKI Press Release

August 8, 2008

Washington, D.C. - The President of Washington Kurdish Institute, Dr. Najmaldin Karim, called attention to the plight of Kurds in Iran and requested international recognition and support for them in their struggle with the Iranian regime. Kurds are denied basic human rights by the Iranian government. Amnesty International recently issued a report that documents a number of human rights violations by the Iranian regime, including institutionalized discrimination against Kurds and Kurdish organizations, widespread repression of women, illegal imprisonment of Kurdish students, journalists, and human rights defenders, as well as the execution of minors
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President Barzani: Iraq will fall apart if constitution violated

barzani.jpgAugust 7, 2008

Erbil, Kurdistan – Iraq ( - Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani yesterday in Erbil said that Iraq is in danger of falling apart if the constitution is violated
He said, "We will not allow the Kurdish people's achievements to be wrecked by the Iraqi parliament. Iraq will fall apart if the Iraqi constitution is violated."
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Kurdish leader calls on Kurds, Arabs to live peacefully in Kirkuk
DPA Middle East News

massoud_barzani.jpgKurdish leader calls on Kurds, Arabs to live peacefully in Kirkuk
Aug 8, 2008, 16:41 GMT

Baghdad - The President of the Autonomous Region of Kurdistan Massoud Barzani called on Kurds and Arabs on Friday 'to have an open dialogue and find a consensus solution for the city, away from any foreign interventions.'

During his few-hours-visit to Kirkuk on Friday, Barzani said: 'We do not accept any side imposing its agenda on us, and likewise we do not want to do the same
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Iran: Prominent Kurdish journalist arrested
AKI  Iran: Prominent Kurdish journalist arrested

masaod_kurdpoor.jpgTehran, 8 August (AKI) - On a day dedicated to journalists in Iran, a Kurdish human rights activist and journalist Massoud Kordpour was arrested late Thursday on allegations that he spied for foreign power.

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آخرين خبر
آژانس خبری موکریان
.آدينه، 18 مرداد ماه 1387 برابر با 2008 Friday 08 August
وضعيت وخيم حبيب الله لطيفي و اعتصاب غذای روناک صفارزاده
بازداشت مسعود کردپور روزنامه نگار سرشناس کرد

آژانس خبری موکریان: مسعود کردپور روزنامه نگار سرشناس کرد و دبیر آموزش و پرورش در کردستان روز گذشته همزمان با روز خبرنگار از سوی نیروهای امنیتی در منزل خود در بوکان بازداشت و روانه زندان گردید.

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