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Experiences of Families from Middle East, North Africa, and Southwest Asia in the United States
vokradio, Los Angeles, California, USA   


Experiences of Families from Middle East, North Africa, and Southwest Asia in the United States

Families of Children with Special Needs Survey


Dear Friends,

You are being asked to take part in a research study conducted by Soraya Fallah, CSUN Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, as part of the requirements for the Ed.D. degree. If you choose to participate in this study, you will complete an anonymous survey. This survey will help us learn more about the experiences of families of children with special needs from Middle East, North Africa, and Southwest Asia in the United States. This survey is an opportunity for families like you to share your opinions about your related child’s special education program and personnel. We hope that the knowledge gathered from this survey can help improve special education programs and inform schools on how to best serve Middle Eastern, North African, and Southwest Asian families of children with special needs. The survey will take about 45 minutes to complete.

You are eligible to participate if you are:
  • 18 or older
  • Currently live in the United States
  • Have a child or family member with special needs who is either currently attending school in the United States or has attended school in the United States within the past 10 years.
  • You or your family of origin are from a country, region, ethnic or religious minority group considered to be part of Middle East, North Africa, and Southwest Asia.
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Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman KRG’s US Representative:Diaspora plays a role in furthering Kurdish cause
Dr. Amir Sharifi, VOKRadio, Los Angeles, CA, USA   

Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman KRG’s US Representative: Diaspora plays a role in furthering Kurdish cause!

amir_sharifi.jpgBy: Dr. Amir Sharifi
January 14,2017
Los Angeles, US – The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) needs to engage more with the Kurdish diaspora, especially youth, as Kurds abroad have historically played an important role in advocating internationally for Kurds in the region, the KRG’s representative to the United States said this week. 

Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman spoke at the University of Southern California (USC) on Tuesday at ‘Kurdistan in Perspective,’ organized by a young and impassioned graduate student, Evin Cheikosmon. 

The purpose of the series of talks was to educate students and the public about the KRG, their diplomatic mission, their challenges, achievements, and the future of Kurdistan, said Cheikosmon.

The main event was preceded by a roundtable discussion between Rahman, a number of USC professors of Public Diplomacy and International Relations, and the spokesperson for Olive Tree Initiative, a university-based organization that advocates conflict analysis and resolution through academic discourse, experiential education and leadership development.
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Iran, a Secret Hand behind ISIS Growing
Reza Fathollanejad, VOKRadio, Los Angeles, California, USA   

Iran, a Secret Hand behind ISIS Growing!

reza_fathollanejad.jpgReza Fathollanejad

March 12,2017 

Today, ISIS is so weak in comparison with its power during last three years, but whereas the anti-ISIS operations have been successful somewhat this terrorist group is close to its last breathing, the United states, the European countries and the Arab states should be careful about what was behind the power of ISIS, because the source of terrorism the Islamic Republic of Iran is breathing yet.


Some important elements behind very fast growing of ISIS

When ISIS was a small group and had not been gotten a worldwide attention yet, the situation of Iraq and even Syria was not suitable for raising such a brutal and backward group. In Iraq, for instance, the Sunni Iraqis were tired of being in center of the clashes between the Iraqi army and the Coalition forces with Al-Qaida and pro-Bath groups and the bomb attacks carried out by the Shia and Sunni terrorist groups that had caused destruction of every things a normal life needs.



In one aspect, this is right that the war situation cause violence that reproduces violence; but it should not be forgotten that any growing political group needs to get a sort of support from the purpose community. We did not see any big uprising or protest at Iraq’s Sunni cities against the presence of the United States’ forces in Iraq or more against the Kurdistan government as an ally of the U.S in the period of constructing ISIS while most of the protests and complains were concentrated on the Iran’s interferences in Iraq’s affairs and Baghdad government. But ISIS has not attacked the Iran’s very close allies so often that it has targeted the U.S’ allies, except during its first year.

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Kurdistan in Perspective; KRG Representative to the U.S., Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman
vokradio, Los Angeles, California, USA   

Kurdistan in Perspective;

Kurdistan Regional Government Representative to the U.S., Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman


Please join the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Representative to the U.S., Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman, for a discussion on the role that the KRG plays in the Middle East.

She will discuss the current challenges that the KRG faces, its accomplishments, and what the future looks like for Kurdistan.

Furthermore, we will gain insight into the increasing efforts made by Ms. Abdul Rahman to strengthen KRG diplomacy, as well as reach out to the Kurdish diaspora in the U.S.

Evin Cheikosman, M.A. Candidate in Public Diplomacy, will moderate the event.


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ئەمریكاو بژاری "گۆڕانی نیزام" لەئێران
سالار حیسامی vokradio, Los Angeles, California, USA   

ئەمریكاو بژاری "گۆڕانی نیزام" لەئێران!


سالار حيسامى

٢٥ ى ديسمبرى ٢٠١٦ ى زايينى

هه ولير- كوردستان


"ئێران پشتیوانی تيرۆریزمە"

ئەو سەردێڕە هەواڵێكی تازەی میدیا جیهانییەكان نییە، لەوەتی كۆماری ئیسلامی لەئێران دامەزراوە، ئەو دەسەڵاتە مەزهەبگەرایە، گەرای تیرۆری بڵاوكردووەتەوە. لەناوخۆی وڵاتەوە دەستیان پێكردو دواتر بەتیرۆری نێودەوڵەتیشەوە نەوستان و پشتیوانيی چەندین هێزی تیرۆریستییان كردو ميلیشیای جۆراوجۆریان دروست كرد، هەتا "شەڕی بەوەكالەت"یان بۆ بكەن، بەڵام ئەوەی جێی سەسوڕمانە، ئەوەیە كە زلهێزانی جیهان بەردەوام چاوپۆشییان لەو هەموو تاوانە كردووەو بەدەگمەن بەرپەرچیان داوەتەوە. واتە كاردانەوەكانیان لەسزای ئابووری تێنەپەڕیوەو تەنانەت سەفارەت و كۆنسولخانەی داخراویشیان لەو وڵاتەدا كردووەتەوە، كە نموونەی بەرچاویان كردنەوەی سەفارتی بەریتانیا بوو!

ئەگەر بمانەوێ خوێندنەوەی ڕاشكاوانەمان بۆ ئەو دۆخە هەبێ، دەكرێ بڵێین ئاكامی هەموو هاوكێشەكان تائێستا لەقازانجی كۆماری ئیسلامی ئێران بووە. لەبەر ئەوەی ئێران نەك هەر پاشەكشەی پێ نەكراوە، بگرە قەوارەی دەستڕۆیشتوویی و دەستوەردانەكانی لەكاروباری وڵاتانی ناوچەكە بەرفراوانتر بووەو جگە لەعێراق و سووریەو لوبنان، بەرەو یەمەن و چەندین وڵاتی دیكەی ناوچەكە و جیهان هەڵكشاوە!

ڕاستە دوای ئەوەی كۆماری ئیسلامی ئێران هەوڵەكانی بۆ دەستڕاگەیشتن بە چەكی ناوكی چڕكردەوە، ڕووبەڕووی هەندێك فشاری نێودەوڵەتی بووەوە، بەڵام ئابڵۆقە ئابوورییەكانیش تاهەنوكە نەیتوانیوە گۆڕانێكی جەوهەری لەسیاسەتی ئەو وڵاتەدا دروست بكا.

تەنانەت ماوەیەك گۆڕانی نيزام "تغيير نظام"ی ئێران، بەتایبەتی لەسەردەمی سەرۆكایەتیی "بوش"دا يەكێ لە بژاردەكانی بەردەم سیاسەتی ئەمریكی بوو، بەڵام لە سەردەمی "ئۆباما"دا ئەو بژارە، نەك هەر بەلاوە نرا، بگرە نەرمی نواندنەكانی كۆشكی سپی رێككەوتنی ئێران و وڵاتانی (5+1)ی لێكەوتەوە!

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Seven short films bring the Kurds’ young cinema to America's west coast
vokradio, Los Angeles, California, USA   

Seven short films bring the Kurds’ young cinema to America's west coast

By Dr. Amir Sharifi

 25 December, 2015



The New York Film Academy in Los Angeles hosted the screening of seven short Kurdish films on December 16. This was the first venue in which seven short films were showcased at this prestigious institution. The event was free and open to public and some one hundred people attended. 

The presence of Mr. David Newman, a distinguished professor of the Academy and Khalid Hamalaw, Kurdish film maker, one of whose documentaries, Mrs. Misfortune was shown, and the presence of a diverse engaged audience enhanced the screening. David Newman officially opened the program and invited Amir Sharifi, the president of the Kurdish American Education Society in Los Angeles to provide some background about the Kurdish cinema and the role of Khalid Hamalaw in organizing the venue. 

The audience was encouraged to take note of the fact that the Kurdish society is one of the oldest in the world yet it has one of the youngest cinemas. The selected films - White Mountain (Faqi Ibrahim), Ants' Apartment, (Tofigh Amani), Mrs. Misfortune, (Khalid Hamalaw), Bad Hunter, (Sahim Omar Khalifa), Abandoned Faces, (Ashkan Ahmedi), Human Beings, (Mashallha Muhammadi). 74-Shangal, (Chamani Gull) albeit not atypical represented a very small subsection within the genre of fiction, documentary, and animation.

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بو يادى نووسه ريكى به ئه زمون، بیرمەندێکی خاوەن قەلەم و وه رگيريكى توانا كاك ناسرى ئيرانپور
vokradio, Los Angeles, California, USA   

 بو يادى نووسه ريكى به ئه زمون، بیرمەندێکی خاوەن قەلەم و وه رگيريكى توانا كاك ناسرى ئيرانپور

 ٢٣ى ديسمبرى ٢٠١٦ ى زايينى

د. ئازاد موراديان

لوس ئه نجليس- ولاته يكگرتوه كانى ئه مريكا




بياني ئه و رو هه والى دلته زينى كوچى ناوه ختى هاورى خوشه ويستم، كاك ناسرى ئيرانپورم له ريگاى توره كومه لايه تيه كانه وه ديت. هه واليكى به دوور له خواست و ئاره زوى هه موى ئه و كه سانه ى كه كاك ناسريان ده ناسى، چ له ريگاى نوستراوه كانيه وه و چ له ريگاى دوور و نزيكه وه.

سالى ٢٠٠٤ ى زايينى له و سه رده مه ي دا كه باسى فيدراليزم وه ك ئه زمونيك بو داهاتوى ولاتانى فره نه ته وه له ئارا دا بوو، زور يه ك له روشنبيرانى كورد به تايبه ت له روژهه لاتى كوردستاندا وه ك ئالترناتيويكى كارا بو داهاتوى ئيرانى پاش كومارى ئيسلامى ئيران چاويان له فيدراليزم ده كرد. نه بوونى سه رچاوه ى باور پى كراوى سياسى و ئاكاديميك له م بواره دا بووشائيكى به رچاو بوو و به داخه و هه ر ئه مه ش بووه هوى ده مه ته قى و له يه ك تى نه گه يشتنى به شيك زور له و كه سانه ى كه فيدراليزميان به خواست و ئاره زوى خويان مانا ده كرده وه.

ئا له م هه ل و مه رجه ى دا ئه من و چ ند هاوريكى كه وه ك ئه ندامي ده سته ى به ريوه به ريه تى كونگره ى نه ته وه يى كورد له باكورى ئه مريكا باسى فيدراليزمان هاوردووه گورى و هاوكات له پيوندى له گه ل چه ند كوردى دلسوز و باوه رمه ندى كورد له به ره ى يكگرتوى كورد له نيوخوى ئيراندا ئه م باسه مان بو پيك هينانى پلاتفورميك تاو و توو ده كرد. هه رچ ن سه رچاوه ى ئاكاده ميك و نوستراوه ى سياسى به زمانى ئينگليزى زوور بوو بلام جيگاي داخ بوو كه چ به زمانى كوردى و چ فارسى هه ولى ئه تو له م بوواره دا نه درابوو.

له و سالانه د ا و پاش په ره سه ندنى باسى فيدراليزم پيوندى ئيمه له گه ل كاك ناسر و ورگيراوه كانى له زمانى ئالمانيه وه بو فارسى زور پته و و به رچاو بوو. له نيوان ئه م سالانه دا من به به شى خوم زور زانياريم لى وه رگرت، زور شتى ليوه فير بووم و له به شيكى زور له نوستراوه و وتوويژ و كورو كو مه لى سياسى كاندا له نوستراوه كانى كاك ناسر وه ك سه رچاوه يه كى باور پى كراو كلكم وه رگرت و ئيستاش ده يگرم.

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